Miyetti Allah Pleads With FG For Cattle Grazing Routes, Says Will Resolve Herders/Farmers Clashes

Alhaji Sadiq Ibrahim Ahmed Sakataren Miyetti Allah na Jihar Bauchi

From Ahmad saka, Bauchi

The Bauchi State Chairman of Miyetti Allah Alhaji Sadique Ibrahim Ahmed has asked the Federal and State Governmenrs to bring back cattle grazing routes as the only way of resolving clashes between herders and farmers each farming season.

Sadique who is the Chairman of Coalition of Fulani Associations said this when he interacted with reporters today Monday in Bauchi, He said a fulani man is always in the bush , who left where stay during dry season, to where he use to stay during rainy season
with his cattle, but today roads and other buildings have taken over the cattle routes that were in place since colonial Era which herders use to follow, even the grazing reserve for their cattle was also allocated to some people who used the opportunity and took more than what was allocated to them left herders with no road except their farms.

Chairman said if government can bring back the cattle grazing routes in place during the First Republic, mainly in Northern Nigeria it will definitely addressed the problem.

Sadique said There are cattle routes and grazing grounds and cattle rearers are confined to those areas.Those that go outside those areas are arrested and farmers are asked to come make their claims. If they don’t have the money their cattle are sold and farmers are settled.

“So we have appeal to state governors and the Federal government to go back to that again and make sure that they prepare those grazing areas and put the veterinary in place”

He Said’ given Herders the care they deserve by providing them with good environment to rear their animals will address imbalance treatment mated against Fulani by the authorities.
” it’s worrisome what is happening to herders today in Nigeria, many of them were being chased from.a place where their fore fathers and lived for more than 100 years, ‘ today a fulani man is being chased away from a legitimate land he buy with his money is not fair.”

Chairman said its a pity the way some government officials, security personnel treat Herders as their source of extortion, and urged government to fish out bad elements among them and punishment them according to the law.

Many people are killed yearly across Nigeria in violence between herders and farming communities, while their are complained annually that herders eat crops of farmers in many State in the country.



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