ADA debunks fictitious CSO’s claims on violence during Kano primary election

Kano map


Alliance for Democratic Action (ADA), a Civil Society Organisation (CSO) has dismissed claims by a group masquerading as authentic CSO that the just concluded gubernatorial primary election in Kano was marred by violence in which some people died and others injured.

It said the group, Coalition of Democracy Monitors for Credible Election (CDCME), held a press briefing by one Comrade Balabe Rufa’i, its so-called national coordinator during which he repeated the false claim made by member of the House of Representatives, Sha’aban Ibrahim Sharada, who was an aspirant in the primary election.

A statement issued by ADA North West zona coordinator, Dahiru Alhassan Fagge indicated that the surrogate CSO was used by a defeated aspirant in the primary election as launch pad to discredit one of the most peaceful primary in the country.

He said ADA was physically present to observe the primary in the key North West states of Kano, Jigawa, Kaduna and Katsina.

Fagge said during the conduct of Kano election, ADA officiald observed that the police and other security agents maintain a watertight security and have no record of any attack or death during and after the exercise in any part of the metropolis.

The zonal coordinator expressed regrets that the opaquely funded CSO could not provide any evidence during the briefing to prove their claim on any incident of violence during the conduct of the exercise.

He noted that up till now, neither the CSO nor the lawmaker for whom it is apparently working for could say who was killed or injured and where.

“At least if there were deaths as they claimed, the lawmaker should have visited the family of his killed supporter to condole with them or visit the injured at home or in the hospital to commiserate with them.

All he has done was that he took to the social media platform to spread lies and make false claims on violence that never happened,” the statement added.

Fagge stated that Sharada fully participated in the primary election covered live by the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) and three radio stations in the state.

The statement added that the lawmaker remained there with his security guards up till the time of vote counting where no one was harassed him, talk less of any attempt on his life or his supporters.

ADA further noted that the false claim by Sharada were apparently as a result of the defeat he suffered from the election.

“When he arrived at the venue of the election, held at Sani Abacha Indoor Stadium, he was seen exchanging pleasantries with the governor and his deputy with whom he contested the primary.

Not only that, he fully related with the delegates  and was given the opportunity to address them before the commencement of the election. In the course of his remarks,  Sharada commended the whole process that led up to that day.

The lawmaker expressed satisfaction with the conduct of the election and the opportunity given to him and any other aspirant who might have wished to participate,” the statement further said.

He noted how he now turn around to blame the process he adjudged as the best and even making false claim on killing of his supporters.

The CSO called on elected or appointed officials to always guard against making unverified claims capable of creating confusion particularly now that the nation will be going for national elections.

It also expressed disgust at the proliferation of mushroom CSOs that are being used by to attack opponents or settle political scores.




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