Lawmaker flays Bauchi Government over demolition of house


From Ahmad SAKA, Bauchi

A member of the House of Representatives representing Bauchi Federal Constituency, Yakubu Shehu Abdullahi whose building was demolished by the officials of the Bauchi State Government has accused the state government  for acting as a government that does not have respect for the rule of law nor consider human rights and dignity in its act of governance.

Abdullahi who addressed a press conference  in Bauchi today when he reacted to the statement of the State government  justifying its action of demolition law makers House .

Represented by his Secretary Ukkasha Hamza Rahama, Abdullahi  described the state government’s demolition of the house as against the rule of law and abdication of its responsibility of protecting the life and property of its citizens.

He alleged that agents of the government caused grievous injuries to the security guards of the property in question without any provocation during the demolition of the property in contention.

He said  the action of government is a confirmations that the state government does not value the sanctity of human life but pursuing political vendetta against perceived enemies who are performing well more than what it is doing .

Law maker said that the action of the state government came after his boss, had filed a court case against the state government, the attorney-general of the state, the Ministry of Land and Survey, and State Urban Development Board.

He clarifies that he owns the property through purchase from the original owner, as a deed of assignment was prepared between the original owner and Hon Yakubu Shehu Abdullahi, and duly registered after Bauchi State government approved the consent to assign the property to Yakubu Shehu Abdullahi.

Abdullahi said that, “The building construction on property covered by Certificate of Occupancy No. BA/39705 was not an illegal construction. The Bauchi State Government granted approval to Hon. Yakubu Shehu Abdullahi to erect the structures and in line with the Bauchi State Government approval that Hon. Yakubu Shehu Abdullahi commenced construction on his plot of land at No. 7 Buba Yero Road, old GRA, Bauchi”.

He further alleged that the state government violated all laid down rules and regulations in carrying out the illegal demolition of the structure without recourse to the laid down process of doing such claiming that, “the demolition was carried out late in the night”.

He alleged that, “having collected huge sum of money from Yakubu Shehu Abdullahi, Bauchi State Government is now raising issues on the property just because of political differences with him. Yakubu Shehu Abdullahi came into the property lawfully after following due process for acquisition of the landed property and at the time his title was challenged before a court of law”.

Recalled that after the house was demolished Special adviser to Governor BLAIR on media Mukhtar Gidado  claimed that Abdullahi  didn’t follow due process in acquiring the House and he puts youths with weapons in the house.


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