2023 Presidency: Deny Ndigbo Presidential Ticket And Risk Stoning, Ohanaeze Youth to PDP


The Ohanaeze Youth Council, OYC- the apex youth organization in Igboland has charged the leadership of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP to consider an Igbo as the party’s Presidential flag bearer otherwise face the wrath of the youths.

The Council gave the charge through its National President, Comrade Igboayaka O. Igboayaka, today, Wednesday September 29, during the National congress of Ethnic Nationality Youth Leaders of Nigeria, held at Statement Hotel, Abuja.

Comrd. Igboayaka stated point-blank that the only way PDP could reciprocate Ndigbo for their 24-years of relentless sacrifice was to willingly give her Presidential ticket to the latter in view of the first 2023 general election, vowing that the youths would not hesitate to engage in a pitched battle with the party should their demand be rebuffed.

Igboayaka said: “It is very clear that by October next year, political primaries must have been concluded, if PDP failed to cede their presidential ticket to an Igbo candidate in 2022, none of their offices will stand in Igboland, no gathering of PDP members, none of PDP flag will be seen hanging in Igbo land.

It’s not a threat, it’s a reality an order that must be enforced by over 30 million Igbo youths, it must be done to keep Nigeria one. The task ahead of us is to use every means available to maintain Nigeria unity, even if it take us to deny PDP peace in Igboland. That time PDP will be declared an outcast in Igbo land, Igboayaka stated.

Ndigbo is the only tribe that have served PDP since 1999, the Igbo bloc vote was given to PDP in 1999-2003 to President Obasanjo, the same to President Musa Y’aradua in 2007, Igbos again gave their bloc vote to President Goodluck Jonathan in 2011- 2015.

“PDP ticket to an Igbo candidate is a gesture of appreciation over the sacrifice of Ndigbo, a servant who laboured for his master for 24, yet his master failed to settle him, such master should be stoned, we shall stone PDP if they attempt to truncate Nigeria Sovereignty by denying an Igbo candidate presidential ticket in 2022 primary election.”

Addressing Newsmen, Comrade Igboayaka sent a stern warning to the conveners of the purported Northerm Governors Forum to desist from making utterances capable of disintegrating the Nigerian nation.

He noted without mincing words that, the forum, Northern Governors was inexistent, describing them as “few fulani political power mongers who want to drag the Middle-belt into their illusion for them to produce Nigeria president in 2023.”

Furthermore, the Council used the medium to send a stern warning to the conveners of the purported Northerm Governors Forum to desist from making utterances capable of disintegrating the Nigerian nation.

Speaking amidst indignation, Igboayaka lamented that, “it’s idiotic to include Taraba, Benue, Nassarawa, Pleatue, Bauchi, Jigawa, Kogi, Kaduna, Kwara etc that have had a fair share of Fulani herdsmen killing, Bandit and kidnapping in their so called imaginary 2023 Presidential dream”.

With the quest of fulani political cabal to retain power in 2023, if they dare it, it’s an indication that Nigeria at 61 this year will be the last independent day the entity called Nigeria will celebrate.



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