[Interview] “DSS Have Been Fighting To Infiltrate ESN” – IPOB Spokesperson


With the climate in the south east and south south geopolitical regions taking form in a manner similar to the period preceding the Nigerian invasion of Biafra in the 1967 to 1970 war, the principal agitating group for the Indigenous peoples of Biafra appears to have captured the attention of the country. This is particularly since its formation of the Eastern Security Network [ESN]. In this interview, the publicity secretary of IPOB, Comrade Emma Powerful discusses ESN and challenges faced so far.

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Was it IPOB that robbed the First Bank in Anambra and killed two people and hoisted Biafran flags?

Asking this question means you are a stranger in this contraption called Nigeria where one plus one is never two. IPOB has been raising alarm over the atrocities of security agencies especially the DSS. They keep sponsoring criminalities and terrorism in Biafra land, and turn around to point accusing fingers at IPOB and ESN. This is what they do in their desperation to blackmail us.

 We got a tip of their plot yesterday morning and raised alarm over it but nobody took us seriously. Come to think of it: how can IPOB rob a bank and hoist our flag on it afterwards? Does that make sense?

 We alerted the world that our intelligence uncovered a plot by DSS to sponsor bank robbery in Biafra land and blame it on ESN. According to our intelligence, they want to accuse us of perpetrating bank robberies to use the proceeds to acquire arms for ESN. But we told them that that script was poorly scripted and ridiculous. We don’t need stolen money to import arms. We have all it takes to manufacture our arms locally.

Besides we don’t engage in robbery. Banks are not our oppressors and do not deserve any attack. ESN is after terrorists masquerading as Fulani herdsmen. We don’t need to attack banks for any reason.

We have exposed them and we are prepared to sacrifice anything to stop them from further attacks on banks in our territory. Our mandate is to defend Biafra land including all legitimate businesses in our territory.

The DSS said they have information that IPOB/ESN members were going to rob banks and other crimes. And now, within one or two days of their statement, a bank was hit. What is your take?

Like I told you, the DSS has proven that they are the ones sponsoring the attacks. Since they were aware that such plot was being hatched, why didn’t they prevent it? The other way round, if we are the ones behind the attack, why should we raise the alarm to put security agents on alert?  When shall Nigerians begin to reason properly?

Don’t forget that during the #EndSARS protests, the same security agencies recruited criminals who hijacked a peaceful protest and started unleashing mayhem on innocent citizens to blackmail the peaceful protesters. They are at it again. The same way they are burning down police stations and fingering ESN and IPOB.

ESN has rejected the formation of Ebubeagu security network. Why?

ESN was established and inaugurated by our great leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu with the mandate to defend Biafra land against terrorists. The security outfit was formed to confront Fulani terrorist herdsmen rampaging and destroying our farmlands and also raping and killing our mothers, sisters and wives in our bushes and forests.

But EBUBEAGU is only an afterthought by the South East governors who could not stand with their people when it counted most. They suddenly woke from their slumber to announce a security outfit without personnel. Can’t you see they are acting like people under pressure, maybe from their masters in Abuja?

When Amotekun was formed by South West governors you saw the preparations on ground. Now is there any sign that the South East Governors are serious? They only formed Ebubeagu to spy on ESN and IPOB members. But we have warned Igbo youths to keep their distance from the charade. Otherwise anyone joining EBUBEAGU to spy on us should be prepared to meet his ancestors.

What are the functions of ESN beyond ridding the former eastern region of Fulani Herdsmen?

Our functions are to secure and protect Biafraland from this bloodsucking demons and vampires from Sahel being pampered by South East Governors. We must chase, dismantle and get rid of them throughout the entire Old Eastern region.

Are the leaders of IPOB/ESN not concerned that its activities can result in the counter actions by Nigerian security which will certainly lead to the deaths innocent easterners?

Since we started agitation for Biafra freedom and independence, the Nigeria government and her security operatives including British are countering what we are doing and we are not bothered if they come out now and begin to do something sinister against our struggle. We are aware of the plans against the Igbos and other Biafrans but we can’t be ruffled. What the Fulani militia and their counterparts are doing in Nigeria if Biafra youths do it Nigeria government and her security operatives will come after their lives and they will kill them and the memories of what they have been doing against us cannot be forgotten easily.

This time around we must get Biafra freedom and independence irrespective of the activities of our oppressors.  Nigeria government and her security agencies headed by Fulani terrorists in Nigeria, the army and police are against Biafrans and we cannot abandon the struggle because of them.

The recent attack in Ebonyi and Enugu State by Fulani Herdsmen was another successful push into the eastern region, was it that the ESN wasn’t alert enough to have detected the attack before it happened? What has the ESN done since the attack?

In Ebonyi state particularly the community which this attack and killing happened, ESN operatives were sent there when our intelligence unit got wind of the attack but regrettably, the traditional rulers and youths in the affected communities mobilized against our men. So our men were facing multiple enemies: the Fulani invaders, the oppressive Nigerian security agencies and the treacherous Igbo Leaders and their gullible followers. We sent our men there two times and they were chased by the overzealous community leaders and youths. But despite the oppositions our men still repelled the Fulani vampires. If not for ESN the massacre would have been more disastrous.

ESN chased them and captured some of them.

From all indices, the ESN enjoys massive support from the folks in the former eastern region. Why do you think that is?

Yes, ESN enjoyed massive support from our people because ESN operatives are sincere and there for the people. Like we have always explained, ESN is not Biafran Army but simply a vigilante group. It’s a child of circumstance that was born when the South East governors failed to protect the people against Fulani terrorist herdsmen. ESN was the desire of the people, so that is why the people support the group despite the sabotages of the political elite.

Our people are very intelligent people and they knew and realize that IPOB members and ESN operatives are not ready to compromise.  Any day our people see ESN operatives and IPOB members start derailing and messing themselves up with the lives of our people they will not be loved Biafrans again.

There are talks of the DSS infiltrating the ESN – to destabilize the group by committing crimes under the groups name such as robberies and kidnappings. What can you say about this?

The DSS and co have been fighting to infiltrate ESN but it is not easy for them.  We are monitoring them closely and they know that very well. They will try but they won’t succeed. They are doing all they can to destabilize ESN and IPOB and that won’t happen because we are ordained by the Most High God in Heaven. There is nothing anybody can do about it or destabilize us. We are aware of their games and their plans to do such. God is in charge of IPOB and ESN.

Where is Nnamdi Kanu? When is he visiting Nigeria?

Nnamdi Kanu is where he is supposed to be until Biafra is finally achieved. He will visit Nigeria anytime he feels like visiting Nigeria but preferably he will visit Biafra nation, and very soon it will happen. At that time we shall give him a red carpet and heroic welcome.



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