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I am far more than I was and much less than what I will be: My name is Bello Mukhtar!



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“Jump, and you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall.”

                     – Ray Bradbury

It beats me silly how some people will sit and conjure all sorts of demeaning demagoguery, dangling dangerous assertions upon an individual who bears them no harm. Such people help one mind his business by poking their Pinocchio noses into his private affairs, and telling lies most of the time.

Andre Gide said, “man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” By all means, such people should please bring it on. I tell things as I see them. I’m not colour blind, neither am I foolhardy rather, I am as straight as a ruler, sharper than a razor yet nicer than the feel of quilt. I make friends with those who are upright and at the same time I make enemies of hypocrites who’d rather see me do things their way of joining them in mischief. I’m not such an individual. I am Bello Mukhtar.

To imagine people convening and sending for another individual to come from a distance just so as to place a phone call to me and try to ensnare me to say certain stuff is more insulting to me than their thought of me being as stupid as to fall bait. What people know but often forget is, we all are made in peculiar ways. I have been blessed with the gift of deciphering and predicting the emotions someone pours into things he writes, I can understand where an individual is headed by merely listening to the pitch of his voice. I can accurately detect a lie yet pretend I don’t know it is. I know the faces of those who hate me and profess love to me while in my presence. I know when a thing or phenomenon is genuine or generic gesture of the gander glancing at the goose. I can translate pictures accurately, this I have been tested and came out to a great wow! I am capable of reading and understanding the Arabic language with its rich text, I understand Hindi, I speak a little Spanish, Fulfulde, Dutch and a little English. I am Hausa by tribe and my name is Bello Mukhtar. 

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I read The Holy Qur’aan and The Holy Bible and am some sort of an authority in the two main Ibrahimaic religions. I’m not a sheikh but am aware of the rules of religion from the dos, don’ts to my boundaries. I am human, weak, fickle but nimble, accommodating yet extremely hot tempered if pushed. Why do these matter? Because I, am hated by people far greater or so I thought, than myself. One thing though, they cannot change the fact that I came from a family that is deeply rooted along 3 states of the Nigerian federation. From my paternal genealogy, the House Of Zunnurain who currently rests at the famous Hubbare in Sokoto to my maternal side which is full of geniality and can be traced far back but I willl settle with the most recent, the late Gumannoor who fathered my grandfather and a handful of other children, yet currently boasts of thousands of great great grand children. This same feat applies to my paternal side. We’re an army of family, I’m most thankful to God for such blessings and most certainly, I say Alhamd lilLah for being Bello Mukhtar. As I said above, I am far more than I was and much less than what I will be. I will end with my famous quote, “greatness inspires envy, envy engenders spite and spite spawns lies.”

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           – Lord Voldemort

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