Jonathan Lost Presidency In 2015 Because Of Rotational Agreement – Okechukwu

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Former President Goodluck Jonathan lost re-election in 2015 because of the convention on rotational presidency between North and South, director general of the Voice of Nigeria (VON), Mr Osita Okechukwu has said.

Okechukwu who spoke during an expanded All Progressives Congress caucus meeting held on Sunday at the Enugu state party secretariat, advised the members of the party who had remained loyal and kept faith with the party not to despair, adding that the 2023 presidency is the turn of the South-East.

Okechukwu, stated that Nigeria had a convention of rotational presidency between North and South, stressing that by 2023 President Buhari would complete the turn of the North and presidency will come to the South, and when it comes to the South, it would be the turn of the South-East since both South West and South-South had presided the presidency of the country.

“It is the turn of the Igbos, especially of the South East to produce the next president. We took off 1999 Fourth Republic with what they call convention of rotation. Anybody will tell you it is not in the constitution. Convention as the moral wait have been used to rule Britain, the United Kingdom for more than a century. They have use convention to drive projects 

“As the convention of rotation of Presidency is that it will go from the North to South. Anybody that ask you any question please in 2015 the most important factor why Jonathan lost the election was because of the rotation. And we are saying that by 2023 our President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari retd), will complete the turn of the North. By convention it is going south. 

“When it comes to South there are three geopolitical zones in the south, the South West geopolitical zone, they have presided over Nigeria for eight years from 1999; the South South geopolitical zone, they have presided over Nigeria for five to six years. The only zone that is left open is the big one, the South East and I am telling Nigerians that if you look into the scriptures of any organisation equity, justice and good conscience is repeated in any scripture whether it is Islam, Christian, Buddhism among others, any of the scriptures you might read you will find equity, justice and good conscience. 

“And I am also telling Nigerians that the Igbos will bring to bear their entrepreneur spirit that God gave us to turn the turn country for good. We will use it to drive where Mr President will stop at then, because Mr President has done so well in agriculture. 

“We live in every part of the country and we invest in every part of the country. I do not know any personality or ethnic group in Nigeria that is as patriotic as Igbos because when you go to a town and you make money and you invest in that town it shows you love that town.”

Coming back home, Okechukwu appealed to the Igbos to embrace agricultural program of Buhari, noting that the herdsmen crisis were being addressed by government.



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