Oduah’s ‘Use and dump’ policy: Managers demands a recall from National Assembly


Press Statement of the Odoua Ward Managers.

The  Ward Campaign Managers for 7 local council areas of Senator Stella Oduah federal constituent , has threatened to send a petition to Independent National Electoral Commission( INEC) to set  machinery in motion for the recall of the Senator for alleged poor representation and unaccessiblity.

The managers had in their earlier previous press conference threatened to demand for her recall if after 14 days she has not addressed their demands,instead of her to address the above mentioned issues,she mobilized her social media e-rats who claimed that the managers demanded a sum of money from her,we want to state that Sen.Odouah  should expose anyone who has approach her for any financial help by the ward managers ?

The managers had requested that Oduah should  settle them for working hard to deliver her in the two election (2015/2019)last election in which she emerged

 the Senator representing  Anambra North Senatorial zone.

They also expressed displeasure that true to her character of “use and dump”she has jettisoned them and started recruiting new set of people across political parties to work for her in 2021 upcoming general election.

In the latest statement issued in Atani in Ogbaru LGA, Anambra State  yesterday, the group threatened to engage in massive  protest against the Senator’s use and dump policy “.

In the statement signed  by the chairman, Chief Fabian Ohananya, (Mentor) the  group said “we will carry our protest to Abuja, where we will submit our letter  for  the Senator’s recall to Independent  National Electoral Commission  ( INEC) immediately after overcoming this present coronavirus pandemic ravaging the country.

She does not remember her constituents again  but  during election,she will come with ‘Greek gifts’ to deceive the people.

All the stakeholders and managers will go to Abuja to ask INEC to choose a day to conduct referendum/recall process for Stalla Oduah after which we will collect the required signatures for her immediate recall “.

They continued “INEC should set machinery in motion for the recall.

We are not deterred  by the Oduah’s threat of arrest, we are waiting for her police arrest, but we are surprised that Oduah who claims to be a democrat is threatening his election workers with arrest for voicing their frustration. We do not  blame her, she is enjoying democracy  which some Nigerians gave their lives to entrenched

During one of the visit to her accenstral home in 2014 by PDP members , she admonishes PDP members whom she claimed had wore a tattered shoes and shirts and that if elected, she will makesure that they wore better one upon her election victory but uptill now she has not fullfiled her promises nor remember these PDP members.

Even during this coronavirus pandemic infectious disease challenge,she only distributed ordinary face masks without any palliative care for the 7 local government areas.

It is also unrecord that her ancentral house is the only mordern house stationed within her community while the other houses were made of mude and an unhabitable materials.

She has remained unaccessible(she doesn’t pick nor return calls including SMS )and unreachable to her PDP faithfuls and party members must pass three different gates before you could be allow to see her at the discretion of the security man at the gate.

Chief Ohanaya warned that enough is enough for her ‘use and dump’ political strategy.



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