Speaker of the Edo State House of Assembly, Mr. Kabiru Ajoto, on Tuesday said the House passed over 70 bills and 188 resolutions throughout the duration of the sixth assembly.

Ajoto who disclosed this to journalists, said over 30 bills were still pending at various levels of consideration.

The sixth assembly ran from June 8, 2015 to May 21, 2019.

“I want to thank God for giving us the strength, skills and intelligence to preside over the sixth house of assembly legislation.

“The total bills passed as at yesterday is well over 70 and about 30 other bills are pending at various levels of consideration. we have also passed about 188 resolutions as we speak.

“By June 7, 2019, when the life span of the sixth assembly will expire, we will be able to tell you the exact numbers of bills and resolutions passed within the four years of legislation .

“This is because legislative activities is still on. We are still sitting and by next week we are going to consider a lot of bills and petitions that are pending at committee levels,” he said.

Adjoto said the many bills and resolutions passed under his leadership, which he said transilated into development and better life for Edo people, was the high point of his speakership.

“When I look at the good roads, healthcare facilities, education, agricultural sectors being transformed by proper legislation, it make feel very happy.

“Under my leadership, we gave bills speedy considerations and passage.

“When l became the speaker of the House on August 14, 2017, there was a paradigm shift from the old to a new style of leadership.

“As Speaker, leadership became a collective enterprise. I did not see myself as the boss, but first among equals. I discussed with my colleagues and never took decisions without consultations.

“And because of constant discussions and consultations, the House changed totally in the areas of quality legislation and the bueatification of the Assembly complex to make it conducive for members and staff.

“Under my leadership, we have changed the colour to green white green and constructed a mace which is the symbol of parliament at the entrance of the assembly complex for easy identification.

“By June 7, 2019, l will be leaving a strong legacies and foundation which the incoming seventh assembly must build on,” he siad.

Ajoto however adivised the incoming seventh Assembly to put the interest of the people first at all times, adding that the effort would make them good legislators.

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