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Bamisayemi’s Massive Development In Ifeland: A False Hope



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In view of the fact that we are still in the early part of the month of February, it is considered apposite to wish all conscious and right-thinking Nigerians, a happy new month. Considering the situation of our political spate and the possible outcome it will dictate, more importantly in Ife Land, we are mostly inhibited to issue this open statement.

Our major concern like earlier indicated is about the next political dispensation of Ife Land – the cradle of Yoruba race, and its active political players. We’ve seen a semblance stuck between the conditions we are progressively getting into and the situation of unfulfilled promises, untrustworthiness and unequal representation we found ourselves in the current political dispensation. We, as a body, could not afford to lose our hold, in guarding, sheltering and defending our inexperienced democratic state, as it is of high premium that we shift from advertent or inadvertent retrogression of our land, to a realm where IFELAND will not be allowed to relapse into financially-viable dormancy, political stagnation or backwardness.

A quite number of residers, friends, political observers and developmental cohorts are increasingly worried about indications that are coming out of the various campaign promises of the candidature of Honourable Folorunsho Oladoyin Bamisayemi of the All Progressives Congress (APC), that was basically summarized into “Massive Development of Ife Land: Equal opportunities for constituents”. There is a widely-accepted Yoruba adage that “when fleas proliferate in your clothes, your fingernails will never be dried of blood”.  But in a bid to erase blood from your fingernails, you have to make certain that fleas are not anchoraged somewhere within your locality.

The prophecy of pitiable performance in office (if elected) – unequal or cabalistic representation, unaccountability, poor economic management, nepotism, gross dereliction of contractual obligation, absolute support of misdeed, lack of progress and hope for the future and widening inequality – will to a great extent be in existence. With this, our fingers will not be dry of “blood”.

It should be noted that sometime in December, 2018, a scheme was initiated by the All Progressives Congress’ aspirant for the lower chamber of the National Assembly, representing Ife Federal Constituency, Hon. Folorunsho Oladoyin Bamisayemi (also referred to as BAMBAM), which was earlier seen to ease the financial burden of at least ten student-constituents of each indigenous students’ association in Ife Land, under the “HONOURABLE FOLORUNSHO OLADOYIN BAMISAYEMI’S EDUCATION ASSISTANCE FUND”, which was coordinated by one Mr. Lawal Taofik (OfTao).

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On the 30th of December, 2018, the first tranche of payment was said to be made, from the personal Bank account of the said “Lawal Taofik (OfTao)”, which till the time of issuing this statement, has pocketed the bursary payment of other indigent students. This, amidst several others had derelict the wide acceptance of the candidate at the coming poll, by a number of students in Ife Land.

We gathered with facts, for just anyone who cares to know, that in Ife North Local Government and Ife East Area Office, for instance, eight and seven qualified applicants were received their ten-thousand naira (#10,000) payments respectively, out of the ten qualified ones for each. This is just an instance, as there are other cases of such.

Distinguished Nigerians, today, we, through this medium, accuse Mr. Lawal Taofik (OfTao) of serious financial impropriety as regards the Hon. Folorunsho Oladoyin Bamisayemi’s Education Assistance Fund. It was shocking that, this highly damaging act was perpetrated at a time when all political actors are, canvassing for the support of Nigerians, more importantly, Ife Land voters. Afterwards, we foresee an austere future, if a young individual cannot be trusted to handle a meager amount of money, for fear of financial unaccountability.

We expect that such assistance fund to ease the financial stress of the less-privileged, should be handled in accordance with applicable regulations and accounting practices. Ife Federal Constituency is an iconic seat, which was historically admired and respected all over the nation. We collaborated with real hopes for the future and in the belief that together there was an opportunity to make Ife Land great again, altruistically to give hope and future to the seemingly hopeless and those in despair. We have been truly saddened by the events of the past months, and we are shocked and appalled by the events of the past week.

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Our democratic system can be sustained and measured not by leaders doing extra-ordinary things, (habitually, leaders fail to do ordinary things very well), but by we, constituents rising up to do ordinary things extra-ordinarily well. Our democratic state, expansion and advancement at this point in time require ordinary constituents to do the extra-ordinary things of altering the itinerary and direction of our uninspiring performance and development. If our leaders fail, constituents must not fail. In that lies the beauty and importance of democracy.

  • The financial hysteria of the Folorunsho Oladoyin Bamisayemi’s mercenary, Lawal Taofik (OfTao) should be rustled.

We are confronted by the recent state of affairs; we will neither espouse spirit of spinelessness nor diffidence let alone incapacity, but this will be sustained by courage, willpower and vow to utter and act, and to carry on until we achieve the greatness Ife land deserves.

  • We also maintained that a massive campaign should be launched against the poli-tricks of our political players, as unaccountable representatives should be disallowed from the seat are making sanctified.

Everywhere, people are already belligerent, buzzing in grief and annoyance. We make bold that our resentment will not be like that of the lame. We will communally hoard ourselves from the position we find ourselves. We will engender moral re-armament and engaging togetherness of people of like-mind and goodwill to come solidly together to lift Ife Land up.

–           We also maintained that our people should be sensitized on the need to vote competent and incorruptible leaders at the poll, this coming election; and the need to hold them responsible.

  • We reiterate that an independent investigative panel should be set up with immediate effect by the principal of the scheme, Hon. Folorunsho Oladoyin Bamisayemi, probe into the actions of Lawal Taofik (OfTao), and make amendments where necessary

–           We will not hesitate to notify members of the general public when such amendment is made, for posterity sake.

We believe it is in the best interests of all parties involved for this situation to be resolved as quickly as possible.

Our struggle continues till the very day we actualized the greater Ife we desire, hitherto victory is certain.

CONCERNED IFELAND YOUTHS’ MOVEMENT                                         (ciymng@gmail.com)

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