February 23, 2019

Press Statement

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…Salutes Nigerians for Their Resilience

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) alerts all Nigerians and the
international community to note how the All Progressives Congress (APC)
has been killing innocent Nigerians, snatching and burning ballot boxes
in today’s Presidential election.

The party however says that nothing can break the will of the people in
their determination to stand till the end, in voting out the
incompetent, corrupt and oppressive APC administration.

The unleashing of violence is the major part of the script by the APC to
intimidate Nigerians and disrupt the election, in their bid to enforce
the now failed President Buhari’s self-succession plot.

President Buhari and the APC leadership must know that they are directly
responsible for the killings in Rivers state, the violent snatching of
ballot box and burning of electoral materials in Lagos and various other
states where compromised security agents were used to directly interfere
in the electoral process.

In Lagos state, the world watched in amazement as security agents aided
APC thugs to invade polling centers, disrupt electoral process,
manhandle voters, destroy and burnt electoral materials, including
ballot papers and boxes.

In Rivers state, voters were shot and killed by agents of the APC in
their desperation to manipulate the elections.

Our party is compiling a list of all infractions and the killings as
well as securing the identities of all individuals who played roles in
these the atrocities.

The PDP deeply salutes the resilience, courage and sacrifices by
Nigerians, across the board, in resisting the Buhari’s anti-democratic
forces and insisting that their votes must count, against all odds.

Nigerians, across the country are exceptionally upbeat in their
resolution to vote out this incompetent, divisive, vengeful, violent
prone and corrupt APC administration, despite the machinations of the
Buhari Presidency

This election has shown President Buhari and in particular, certain
individuals in Lagos state, who thought that they were emperors, that
the will of the people is bigger than them. The APC turned the election
into a war but Nigerians have shown that nobody can suppress their
resilient spirit.

The PDP therefore call on INEC to ensure that all votes count as
Nigerians are following all the figures from the polling units.  Having
come thus far and after making huge sacrifices, Nigerians will never
accept any result that does not reflect the reality of their already
expressed wishes and aspiration at the polls.


Kola Ologbondiyan
National Publicity Secretary
Director, Media & Publicity
PDP Presidential Campaign Organization