Saudi Petrodollars To Moscow For Not Being A Loser In Yemen Crisis

Saudi Petrodollars to Moscow for not being a Loser in Yemen Crisis

Saudi King Salman signed a $100 million deal with President Putin to help the kingdom get out of the Yemen crisis, claimed US Senator Chris Murphy who was participating in a workshop organized by the Gulf Research Center in cooperation with the Geneva Center for the Democratic Management of the Armed Forces titled “Views on Yemen.”

He further emphasized that the developments of Yemen are actually under the Iranian control, adding that the Saudi-led coalition is in fact on the brink of collapse. In other words, King Salman is now well aware of the Yemen impasse and Iran’s role in this war; His visit to Moscow was an attempt to convince President Putin to talk with Iranian leaders to reconsider their strategy in Yemen war.

Sen. Murphy is one of the few US lawmakers who regularly draw attention to the Yemen crisis.

The war is also increasing anti-American sentiment in Yemen.  As Sen. Murphy has pointed out, Yemenis believe the war is being waged by the U.S., not by the Saudi coalition.

Therefore, US lawmakers want to stop Trump from supporting Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen. US Congress can help curb Saudi war crimes in Yemen and it is time to break with such destabilizing policies that threaten fundamental U.S. security interests, added Sen. Murphy.

The coalition includes Qatar, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Sudan, and Senegal. The Saudi-led coalition also relies on local Yemeni forces to carry out most ground operations.