Our Security Vote Is Not N1.4b, Peter Obi Control Your ‘Attack Dogs’



Of late, within the Anambra social and political circles, certain noisy accusations have been flying around the various news airwaves concerning the monthly security votes of the state governor and of his wife, the 1st lady of Anambra State. The peddlers of the noisy accusations seem determined in their effort to label such allegation on the Governor of Anambra State and the 1st lady of Anambra State in order to depict them as frivolous and extravagance with the collective resources of the people of Anambra State. This effort, on their part had been on the offing since the inception of the Obiano administration.

The peddlers of this unverified allegation, as most observers of the Anambra political spectrum know, are the same aggrieved politicians who may have lost out in their self-centered move to decamp from the All Progressive Grand Alliance [APGA] into the then President Goodluck Jonathan led People Democratic Party [PDP]. The loss of the Presidential election left the paymasters and the peddlers of new age propaganda with little to nothing in terms of political relevance. And their noxious attention has since turned solely on the governor of Anambra State.

Their gripe now is security votes. Before it was cucumber and fascination with sex, champagne and the 1st lady’s private and/or personal attitude and character towards her friends and colleagues. As desperate as their monotonous accusations sound, they seem unrelenting in their propagation of falsehoods – in the hopes that one or many of their lies would stick. Anambra demographics have become a little more clever for their game.

One of their attack dogs – in the person of Mazi Odera – in his recent diatribe on the Governor of Anambra State made unfounded allegation of the Governor’s security votes being over N1.4billion per month. He spewed the entire spectrum of his gutter-laden lexicon in the full open as he attempted to please his paymaster – Mr. Peter Gregory Obi – by fabricating lunacy – without providing any evidence. As if, he woke one given morning under the spell of ganja haze – armed with juvenile styled diatribes and emptiness.

And the sad aspect is, he is taken seriously by a gullible few.

The truth is Mazi Odera does not know the amount of the monthly security vote.  But for the sake of the gullible few, it is necessary the picture be painted clearer for clean understanding of what had transpired in Anambra from the days of Peter Obi administration to the present Obiano administration – with respect to security and safety of her people and business investments.

Vanguard Newspaper publication of July 27, 2014 placed the number of ‘high profile’ kidnappings in Anambra for two years at over two hundred [200] with over 1billion paid to kidnappers as ransom. With nearly an estimated N900million in monthly security votes collected by the Peter Obi administration.

The following personalities were kidnapped and ransom paid:-

  1. Traditional Ruler of Ukpo – Igwe Robert Eze paid N100m
  2. Traditional Ruler of Abagana – Igwe Patrick Okeke
  3. Traditional Ruler of Adazi Nnukwu – Igwe Lawrence Oragwu
  4. Traditional Ruler of Ihembosi – Igwe Jerome Udechukwu
  5. Chike C. Okoli – Commissioner of Science and Technology [Peter Obi administration]. He was never found.
  6. Charles Chukwuma Soludo’s father
  7. Dr. Chidi Nweke – former deputy governor of Anambra. He was killed after a ransom of N5m was collected
  8. Ken Emeakayi – factional PDP State Chairman Anambra
  9. Iroko, Nnewi Auto parts dealers chairman
  10. Ernest Obiorah – Nnewi North LGA Chairman
  11. Dr. Emeka Aniebonam – State Assembly member Anambra
  12. Tony Obi – Chairman Emeka Offor Foundation
  13. Sister to Orange Drugs CEO [Chief Ekenna] – paid N50m ransom
  14. Brother to G.U.O. Okeke – paid N35m
  15. Chief James Iloenyisi [80yrs] father of Super Eagles player [Chikelue Iloenyisi]. He was killed after collecting ransom of N1.5m
  16. Madam Adafor Madueke [89yrs] – Adazi Ani
  17. Ndubusi Nwobu – former Action Congress State Chairman, Anambra
  18. Chief Leonard Uchendu – gubernatorial candidate [NNPP]
  19. Pete Edochie – nollywood legend. Ransom paid by Peter Obi
  20. Mother to MD of GreenLife Pharmaceuticals [Chief Ebele Nwosu]
  21. Failed kidnap of Chisom Nwoye – wife to former state assembly member. Her daughter was shot dead by the kidnappers.

These were a few of the litany of kidnappings that were bedeviling the state of Anambra during the administration of the previous governor. Security and safety of persons and property were at its lowest ebb. Campaign for Democracy [CD], a non governmental organization placed the amount earned by the kidnap industry at the time at N750million per year. The report placed the occurrences of kidnappings in Anambra at the highest in the nation at 273 – with each kidnap victim averaging at about N20million to 30million ransom.

The scourge of kidnapping defeated the Peter Obi administration. They exhausted virtually the entire solutions they had at their disposal but failed. Businesses and families were relocating out of Anambra in droves.

It appeared bleak until the arrival of the Obiano administration.

The new Governor took little time to put a choke hold on the menace.The menace was halted. He returned safety back to the streets of Awka, Nnewi, Onitsha, Ekwulobia and other communities. Gradually the businesses that relocated to Asaba, Enugu and other locations began to return to Anambra. It became nirvana again.

To add muster, the present administration launched a comprehensive street lighting program to light up the streets of the major towns in Anambra – starting from the State capital, Awka.

With all this, the Peter Obi attack goons concern themselves with the amount of monthly security votes? What foolishness? Why will they find it difficult to give praise and/or accolades where it is due?

Peter Obi must control his attack dogs. It is simply not fair to the present administration. Willie Obiano must be allowed to work. Peter Obi must leave the stage. He has had his time.




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