PDP: Zoning The Position Of Vice-President To South-East For 2019 Is A Mockery


Government Of Imo State

Press Release

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The Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha has read with unbridled concern, the media reports that the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has zoned the position of Vice-President to the South-East for the 2019 election. The claim which was widely reported in the media has not been denied by the party, which means, the report is true.

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The governor’s first reaction is that the whole thing is a mockery of the South-East zone and her people, especially when one remembers that the PDP has suddenly felt that the South-East could occupy the Vice-President position for the 2019 election and almost one year after it had lost power, and it does not have the slightest chance of winning the 2019 poll. Indeed, the PDP is just making mockery of the South-East.


For sixteen years, the PDP was in power. The party never had any reason to remember that the South-East, as a major block in the country, could occupy the Vice-President position or could hold any of the sensitive positions in the country, and they are just waking up from their slumber after being out of power.


The PDP never allowed the South-East to have the president, the Vice-President, the Senate President, the speaker of House of Representatives, and so on. The South-East totally lost out in the PDP government.


Even in terms of projects, the South-East had a very rough experience in the PDP government. All the federal roads in the zone were all death traps until the party was voted out of power. The second Niger Bridge became endless pit for the PDP. Some oil locations belonging to some states in the zone were taken away and given to other states outside the zone. It was a hopeless situation for the zone in PDP.


Now, they have begun to dangle or brandish the VP position before the zone because they desperately want power again. And they also know that what the zone could not get from the PDP government, they could now get from the Mohammadu Buhari-led APC government.


The fact is that the South-East would get its due from the APC administration because the party believes in fairplay, Justice and Equity. The PDP toyed with the fate of the South-East which the APC cannot do. And the good signs are everywhere. The South-East will be better in the APC government.


Our interest is to develop the South-East and the APC administration will do that for the zone. Anything due to for the zone will be given to them because the level of greed in the PDP cannot be found in APC. The APC won’t wait until it is out of power before remembering the South-East zone or any other zone. That cannot be our portion.


We are going to play visionary and group politics which the PDP never allowed the South-East to play, and few individuals used the zone to load their political buses. We are going to play collective politics in lieu of divisive politics.


It is only important that the South-East would be strong in APC and give President Buhari all the needed support and solidarity. So, the South-East should see the PDP’s VP gift as a Greek one.


Sam Onwuemeodo

Chief Press Secretary to the Governor.



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