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If Human Rights Law Wouldn’t Defend Us, We Will Be Force To Defend Ourselves – By Okonkwo Isaac Somto



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On 1st of December, Biafran Protesters were marching unarmed and peacefully. But marching peacefully and unarmed didn’t stop the Nigeria armed forces from killing 5 unarmed civilians and arresting over 100 of them. This has become a common thread amongst the Nigeria Government, ordering their armed forces to kill and shot unarmed civilians. Biafran protesters have not in form resulted to violence and even when they were shot at and killed they still remained peaceful and non-violent. But it’s now a question of how long their patience can hold out, how long can they hold their peace? They have stayed calm and quiet, while they watch the British-Nigeria forces assault and violent their rights. The situation has now taken a new turn, in the sense that Biafrans are now restless and angry by the extent the British-Nigeria government has gone in killing yet again another Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) members.

Why hasn’t the International human Right organization done anything about this? Why do they still stay quiet, when innocent civilians expressing their rights for self-determination are been killed and assaulted? Are Biafran lives any different? Or is the fact that Biafrans hasn’t reacted violently towards the Nigeria government? Is human right waiting until, The British-Nigeria government exterminates biafrans before they speak out? What are they waiting for? Is Nigeria Government above the UN and the human right law? Is there something am missing? All these questions, should be addressed before things get out of hand. Nigeria government is not below the human rights law, and should be called to order. Biafrans will no longer stay silent for too long, we will no longer stand and watch while our people are been killed and slaughter like animals.
If the world can’t stand for the truth and caution the Nigeria Government, then they should also remain silent when Biafrans start to respond to the Nigeria Government. This is not a threat but an act of self-defence, if the United Nations and the Human Right laws wouldn’t do anything to stop the killing of Biafrans, then I think it’s time for them to defend ourselves. We will no longer stand these barbaric acts from the British-Nigeria Government. We are Biafrans and we would not retreat nor surrender, will we continue to stand for what we believe in and if it means we standing alone and defending ourselves from the British-Nigeria Government, we will do that to the last drop of our blood. It’s Biafra or Death Let this be a message to the United Nations, The International Human Right Organisation, The British-Nigeria Government.
Source: http://www.thebiafraherald.co/2015/12/if-human-rights-law-wouldnt-defend-us.html

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