Embattled PDP Chair, Muazu Quietly Relocates To Singapore, “Private Jets, Gold Coins & More”


Information available to 247ureports.com obtained from competent sources near the embattled chairman of the People Democratic Party [PDP] indicate that the embattled national chairman, Alhaji Adamu Muazu have upped from his highbrow settlement area in Casablanca, Morocco and have relocated to Singapore where reports have it that the national chairman has significant financial investments.

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A consortium of sources who spoke to our correspondent confirmed that the embattled chairman relocated to his second home in Singapore where he is heavily invested financially.

247ureports.com has gathered that the embattled Chairman has decided on not returning to Nigeria till after President Jonathan must have handed over to the incoming President.  He has placed his return date for May 30, 2015. Sources within the PDP indicate that Muazu selected the date to avoid having to be asked to convene an executive meeting of the PDP. His fear is that he may be asked to submit his resignation should the executive committee of the PDP convene a seating. But efforts are believed to be on ground that may eventually remove the embattled chairman before May 28.

The chairman’s desperation to hold to the seat of chairman is considered abnormal and ungentlemanly by party faithfuls who expected the chairman to bow out of the seat following the embarrassing loss. Some of the party stalwarts attribute his desperation to his financial situation prior to becoming the PDP chairman.

Adamu Muazu, according one of his former aides, was financially ‘down’ prior to being called upon to serve as the Chairman of PDP by the President Goodluck Jonathan. He reveals that President Jonathan chose to give him [Muazu] the job owing to an assistance rendered to Jonathan when the militants in Otueke attacked and bombed the country home of Jonathan – and were out to assassinate Jonathan. According to the information gathered, Jonathan ran to refuge at the home of Adamu Muazu. He got refuge at the home of Muazu.

The President tapped on Muazu for the job from out of the blue stated one of the sources who claimed that Muazu was desperately strapped for cash. “He was near penniless. And badly in need of money”, said the source who added that President Jonathan was aware of the bad financial state of Adamu Muazu at the time. “When the President told his close associates of his choice for Adamu Muazu, they were shocked”. The source noted that they tried to talk him out of the choice but the president was not yielding.

On the eve to the announcement of Adamu Muazu as the PDP chairman, his appetite for money was already beyond voracious. “He was too hungry”. As he took over the operations from Bamangar Tukur, the PDP was reeling from a near factionalize party – and Adamu Tukur began cashing almost immediately. The preparation for the congresses and primaries became immediate cash bazaars for Adamu Muazu and the PDP national working committee. The entire exercise, according to one Muazu’s aides, was turned into a pure cash transaction between the aspirants and the party chairman. Some of the gubernatorial aspirants, the source reveals, were made to cough up amounts in excess of N1bllion. In Benue State, the PDP collected over N1billion from lobbyists from within the presidency who then ensured that the PDP gubernatorial candidate was imposed on Governor Suswan. The same scenario was played out in Nasarawa State, Lagos State and other States.

As Adamu Muazu collected the funds from the desperate politicians, he also needed a means to hide the money away or a means to launder it into useable wealth.  Our source reveals authoritatively, that Muazu took to the purchase of gold coins, very pricey gold coins as means of hiding his financial gains. “He purchased a good amount of coins and took it to Singapore for safe keeping” along with real estate properties which he invested in – to enable him hide the money away outside the shores of the country.  He aide places the value of the gold coins at a minimum of $150million.

The aide pointed to a credible but yet to be verified information indicating that the embattled chairman had made a purchase of a private jet shortly following the loss of President Jonathan at the polls. The make and model of the jet is said to be a 2003 Bombardier Challenger 604. The aircraft is believed to parked/hidden at an airport hangar in Nigeria. It is unsure how much money was paid for aircraft.

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