Yuguda in Secret Meetings with Tinubu, Saraki, Others


The embattled governor of Bauchi State, Malam Isa Yuiguda is said to have upped his romance with the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) through nocturnal meetings at a private residence in Abuja. The secret parleys which usually hold deep in the night from 12 midnight are aimed at perfecting their game plan ahead of the crucial February 14 presidential contest between President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and APC’s General Muhammadu Buhari. One of the meetings took place last Tuesday in Abuja.

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Governor Yuguda, although a card carrying PDP member, is said to be surreptitiously working for the success of General Buhari. Apart from that, he is said to be the sponsor and godfather of many opposition candidates in Bauchi State including the governorship candidates of the APC and the Labour Party (LP). He tops the list of PDP said to be under watch by the party’s leadership over alleged double standard and poor commitment to the party.

Our source revealed that the Bauchi Executive Governor who is also the PDP candidate for Bauchi South Senatorial District in the February 14 election, plans to defect to the APC if he and his cohorts succeed in scuttling the re-election bid of President Jonathan to the advantage of Buhari. “His defection is considered afait accompli once the sabotaging of PDP’s chances in presidential election is perfected and the APC victory sealed. The only thing that will stop his planned cross carpeting is if Buhari is loses to Jonathan,” he stated.

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He said that Yuguda has always been with the renegade governors who defected from PDP to APC. According to him, it was later resolved by the clique that he should stay behind in the party as a mole leaking crucial and tactical information from within to the APC mainly through his colleagues like Rabiu Kwankwaso, Magatakarda  Wammakko and Rotimi Amaechi.

The source said that the governor’s role as a black leg within the PDP was known to the top brass in the ruling party over time who have been monitoring his secret anti-party conducts from a distance.

All efforts to contact the Bauchi governor or his aides for their reaction failed as they declined to answer calls.



  1. We all know who planted this story. That foolish conniving minister who acts like he loves GEJ but he himself is the secret mole in the party. Isa Yuguda is 100 percent loyal to the president. Dont come and ruin it all in the name of jealousy and bitterness. Bala Mohammed, you’re truely a horrible person. No be only secret meeting.

  2. This post reeks of lies.Mallam Isa Yuguda is an upright man. He doesn’t dabble into things that ain’t straightforward. For all I know, the two faced person is Bala Mohammed. He would go to any length to tarnish the image of Isa Yuguda, hence, he would plant all sorts of falsehood here and there. People, open your eyes, the real mole here is the FCT minister, he is dubious and can be bought.

  3. Lmao! This post is laughable in its entirety. We all know that Mallam Isa Yuguda pledges his total allegiance to the president. 247ureports, you shouldn’t post all stories given to you with any form of investigation or are you paid to do this? A weed/crack head planted this story just to discredit the governor. And we know you. Stop with this smear campaign because you just keep exposing your sleazy personality.

  4. Oh c’omon….allegedly calling Gov yaguda a mole isn’t enough for you back stabbing, high on ganja, finding someone to blame liars! You had to cook up stories about meetings?? Yaguda is a respected man and a true son of the soil. Bauchi has been fruitful,beautiful,and peaceful to the people; all thanks to him. The least he could be is a mole.you have definitely got the wrong person.your source is full of shit.

  5. This is the height of it! Reporters are just looking for that scapegoat just for credit,attention and of course traffic. How true can this be? Just because the FCT Minister started it all, opportunists decided to Follow suit. You have no proof, all na them say them say.this man has been on his own jeje o.Doing all that needs to be done for his state; yankari upgrade, alkaleri road, foreign scholarships, almajiri schools, the state uni, Darazo drainage and simply because he is a man of little words, you want to pin it down on him.

  6. Gov. Yuguda has nothing to prove to anyone who is too blind to notice that he is a man of integrity. All these accusations are bursting out because he said the truth about Bala Mohammed who is a rascal and a drug addict, someone who is far from worthy of being a leader talk more of pointing accusing fingers at Gov. Yuguda. If I were him too, I wouldn’t justify these rubbish allegations about being a mole with a response.

  7. 247 reports, i am not surprised at what ive just read here. you guys have always had some sort of agenda against Yuguda. I see now that APC’s dirty campaigning trick go deep. Yuguda is and has always been loyal to GEJ and to PDP. what you have written here makes no sense at all.

  8. Lies Lies and Lies!!!. there isn’t a single atom of truth in this story. yuguda is currently one of the few people actually holding the PDP together at the moment. APC know this, and they also know that if they can paint him black, they can further convince more PDP members to leave and Join them. there isn’t a single APC member i would cast my vote for at the moment honestly.

  9. Hia, you have shifted this your lie lie story to Yuguda ? What is your problem now? Yuguda of all people ? Go and hug transformer if you dont like better thing.

  10. By every standard, Mallam Isa Yuguda is one of the most active and focused PDP members, and is a 100% loyal to Jonathan. what you have written here is false, and this is APC’s final ace up its sleeve, but unfortunately, it wont work. any sensible Nigerian knows that we stand to gain nothing from APC, because they are just a pack of hungry dogs who want to win at all costs, even if they have to play dirty. and that my dear brothers and sisters we should be weary of!!

  11. Na so!! all this washing things. you people should leave the man alone abeg. he is no mole, and this is simply the ugly side of politics rearing its head. i’m an avid supporter of Yuguda because since his tenure, he has kept to most of his promises which he made. that there is a man with integrity. unlike most of the criminals APC keeps parading as aspirants. shame!!


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