Stop the theatrics and face governance, APC tells Fayose

The Ekiti State All Progressives Congress (APC) has advised Governor Ayo Fayose to stop playing to gallery and start governing the people of the state.
in a release signed by the Publicity Secretary of the party, Hon Taiwo Olatubosun, said It was high time the governor stopped pulling his usual stunts and start telling the people what beneficial programmes he has for them. The business of governance is a serious one and not of theatrics, which Fayose wants to reduce it to.
“We are not surprised about the recent circus show of our Governor, who has been busy reeling out imaginary and mind boggling figures to discredit his predecessor, Dr.Kayode Fayemi. It is in his character to do so, we would, as a matter of fact, have ignored him, but we felt the need to set the records straight for the unsuspecting public who may be misled by this overblown cost of the new Governor’s lodge and the fittings therein.
Dr. Fayemi as a firm believer in transparency and accountability had never hidden any of the projects executed with bond money from Ekiti people and this included the new Governor’s lodge. Nothing could be farther from the truth that N50 million was spent on procuring a bed. Nowhere in the world is any bed sold for N50m and none of the ones in the governor’s lodge is up to N2m. We challenge Fayose or anyone with contrary facts to prove it.
Be that as it may, the new governor’s lodge has  befitting furniture and fittings commensurable with the edifice which is one of  the legacy projects of the Fayemi administration. We are expecting Fayose to also showcase other legacy projects like Ikogosi Warm Spring, The Pavillion, Oba Adejugbe Hosptial, among others. We hope, however, that the facilities in them would still remain intact by the time Gov. Fayose would be leaving.
The fittings of the lodge was done after Fayemi lost election and he didn’t leave with any of them, which means they are for the use of Governors that will come after him because it is the property of Ekiti State. It makes more economic sense to put fittings which are durable and good. If the governor’s hypocrisy would not allow him to use the lodge in order to portray Fayemi as extravagant, that is his own cup of tea.
Kayode Fayemi left all the fittings and furniture intact unlike Ayo Fayose who went to Ikogosi after he became Governor in 2003 and carted away the furniture and fittings (including window blinds) of the resort, converting them  to his personal use. We are suspecting that he may once again cart away the quality and lovely fittings as usual.
Despite building the new Governor’s lodge, Fayemi in 3 years, has increased workers salary 3 times from 7,500 to N19,300, teachers in Ekiti are the best paid in the country, he renovated all 183 schools, all General Hospitals in the state. Fayemi completed 2,192 projects while 468 are ongoing. The Youth in Commercial Agriculture has generated 15,000 employments while 20,000 elders were paid 5,000 every month in the last four years. He has constructed, rehabilitated and reconstructed a total of 1,038km of Federal, State and local Government roads. It should also be noted that Fayemi did not owe any worker salary areas in four years until Fayose recently harassed the banks to stop transaction with the then outgoing Fayemi’s government.
The new-improved governor is claiming to hate excreta, yet he feeds on maggots.
Fayose might have been angered by the fact that Fayemi spent Ekiti money on projects that are beneficial to the people rather than leaving behind large sum to be stolen. Fayose’s hypocrisy is deceiving Ekiti people with a 1965 Mercedes Benz as official car,  whereas he, as governor-elect, has purchased a N43million naira customised Range Rover and passed the bill to the government to pay. Ironically, he was the first to go to press to say Fayemi incurred debt.
Hon Taiwo Olatubosun
Publicity Secretary,
Ekiti APC


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