Why I Stormed Out Of Imo Govt-Organised Tributes For Late Oputa–Charley Boy

Gov Owelle Rochas okorocha in a handshake with Charlie Boy Oputa during a Special Day of tribute in honour of late Justice Chikwudifu Oputa held at Imo International Conference Center, Owerri
… says Okorocha is a deceit
Socialite and son of late jurist, Justice Chukwudifu Oputa, Charles (Charly Boy) Oputa Thursday explained his reason for storming out of a colloquium organized in honour of his late father by the Imo State government.
Charley Boy had on Wednesday evening suddenly stormed out of tributes event held at the newly built International Conference Centre in Owerri,
Speaking with some journalists in Owerri, Charley Boy accused Governor Rochas Okorocha of trying to use his father’s burial to score cheap political point, describing him as a deceit.
He said the government held a colloquium in honour of his late father and that despite his earlier warning that the burial should not be politicized, Governor Okorocha gathered all the members of his political party and wanted to turn the event into an APC rally.
The event, tagged Day of Tributes for Late Oputa, which saw Governor Rochas Okorocha, his deputy, Eze Madumere; Senator Chris Ngige; national chairman of the All Progressives Congress,APC, Odigie Oyegun, former deputy governor of Imo State, Dr. Douglas Acholonu, and many dignitaries present.
Gov Owelle Rochas okorocha in a handshake with Charlie Boy Oputa during a Special Day of tribute in honour of late Justice Chikwudifu Oputa held at Imo International Conference Center, Owerri
Gov Owelle Rochas okorocha in a handshake with Charlie Boy Oputa during a Special Day of tribute in honour of late Justice Chikwudifu Oputa held at Imo International Conference Center, Owerri
Trouble however started that Wednesday evening when the master of the ceremony announced that the next person to speak would be the national chairman of APC, Oyegun.
No sooner had the APC boss mounted the rostrum than the angry Charley Boy fumed about how his father’s burial was being turned into APC event.
He suddenly rose from his seat and stormed out of the event taking his siblings and family members along.


  1. Charley Oputa-(Boston,Ma) is no walk over to nobody, the Governor and his cohorts should have respected the family wishes not to politicize their late fathers funeral. This serves this Governor right.

    These guys need to respect themselves every situation is not for politics.

  2. I like what he did because the Governor indirectly used that as a political campaign which is not suppose to be. so Charlie Boy acted well by storming out with his siblings

  3. You did the right thing Charley, The late jurist was not a politician and having sent a message across before the event that your family is against politicizing the day,the governor should have compiled. I like your guts.

  4. About time politicians (some unseasoned Nigerian ones) realized that there’s appropriate time and space for everything;the Governor was dead wrong and if what he claims to represent should be taken into considerations,should forthwith tender explicitly a public apologies to the following: the Oputas,IMO State indigienes,the Legal professionals and particularly,Charles(charley boy)Oputa as the first son of the legal luminary.May his soul rest eternally.

  5. Well I tot it was a paddy paddy thing but I was wrong.
    Rochas loves the media obviously taking every opportunity both the his anf others.
    Charlie well done.
    We know owelle ….
    may be he should organise a pity party for his APC allies

  6. We shall replicate Ekiti polls and thats the formula. For 2015.
    Ùnù ahula ihe ń mere ndi Imo. Premature leader good test of acceptance.
    Opposition is always resisted anywhere it surfaces even in nature

  7. Charly boy should have known better; he should have asked that the Colloquium be held in Oguta: Okorocha uses all the vainglory projects he now builds in his soul city – Owerri to attract attention for his APC VP chase.

    What stops Okorocha’s new International Conference Centre from being built in Oguta, or elsewhere outside Owerri?
    This is Okorocha who swore during the election camppaigms that a;ll parts of Imo state shall be government House if we elect him.
    After his early feeble attempts to modernize Okigwe and Orlu, Okorocha resorted to lavish all of Imo state’s money on building fancy projects in Owerri, not withstanding that Owerri indigenes have warned Okorocha that they have no more lands to give to government, and they have even gone to court to defend their stance.

  8. Charly-boy has only over-reacted. A Colloquim, organised by who? The governor, so who should the governor invite? Is it not his associates? So what are we talking about? What if it was organised in Abuja by the President, wont he invite his tycoons? Now if we may bother ourselves a little, why not we ask Charly-boy the APC Chairman’s first comment before he left? Unless he is able to convince us with the nature of discussions held at the occasion, which I believe he knows not of after leaving before the start of discussions, I will say that, Charly-boy has only succeded in putting the horse before the cart. His decision is too harsh, irrational, stupid and insulting to both the memories of his late father and the governor. Untill he gives adequate reasons for his action other than his statement above, I still maintain, the governor deserves an apology. Charly-boy is wrong and his action is unafrican.

    • U must bé a fool for looking at d issue from ur stupid perspective. How dare rochas turn our respect law luminuary into an apc rally? And u who lack respect for the dead didnt see anything wrong in that. Bcos u worship money that is why u sounded so idiotic.

      • Those of you that used bad words in your comments here are all pythons. How dare you used such words against your fellow Nigerians .

  9. U did the right thing.How much does Oyegun know about the late jurist?Has he ever come in close quarters with as to eulogise him.That’s the problem here.We politicize everything even death.

  10. He is not a serious being. I see nothing wrong with the APC chairman offering his tributes. Besides,why did he collect 10 Million Naira from the same state Govt over his father’s burial?

  11. Your are the true son of your father, Charlie Boy. What Rochas Okorocha did is an abomination. This is an insult to the family and the person of the late Oputa. Does it mean that APC has no respect? I think so, judging from the Rochas’s action.

  12. Why can’t Alh Rochas Okorocha
    respect the wishes of the late Jurist’s family? Justice Oputa was never a politician and should have been respected as demanded by his family.Thank you Charlie Boy for standing up to the deceit.

  13. Must everything be politics in Nigeria. Governor Okorocha,you goofed in this one. You don’t play politics with the dead; moreover where you had pre information by the family not to politicize the event. You should at least respected the family’s wishes. Mr. Charles Emeka Oputa, you and your siblings did the right thing.

  14. Well done Charls,who ever that blames your action is an ignoramus.Earlier before the event they have been warned but the boko haram governors and sympathizers decided to do otherwise.They deserve what ever may have happened.If this Hausa man in Imo state Govt house has respect for the late chief judge, he wouldn’t have done what he did.I hail your action it’s quite commendable and serves them right.Okorocha will be skinned a life if at any time, any day there is bomb blast in Imo state, that is the day he will know that youths in Imo state and Oguta in particular have tolerated enough of him.Can okorocha love the late chief Judge more than his family members? A hypocrite, shame unto him!

  15. Charlie Boy may have raised his objection to the politicisation of his father’s funeral before hand, but he has always enjoyed the company of politicians and revelled in the prestige that goes with it. The events at the Imo International Conference Centre should be seen in its right perspective – If you pay the piper, doesn’t it follow as an axiomatic logic, that you call the tune? Charlie hung out with politicians forever. That politicians are an anathema to normal, law-abiding citizens is well-known maxim. They simply aren’t good. They are only in a relationship with us to feather their own nests. Invariably, they bite us in the end.
    As the saying goes; you hang out long enough in a barber shop, sooner or later, you will get a haircut.

  16. Charly Boy now we know who funds your living at FCT. You got angry the APC chairman was there. Why did you not invite your PDP Chairman?

  17. Those asking why he collected 10million naira for the burial, May God punish u guys and una generation. Are u guys saying that the jurist doesn’t deserve more than that. Am sorry for u guys who always sell ur conscience for money. Hail Charlie Boy!!

  18. Guys let’s be fair to rochas, any body can speak about rochas if the person is a trained lawyer. Justice chukwdinfu oputa was a legal icon and I can give a speech on his judicial activism, so don’t see any reason why Mr oyegun won’t eulogise him. Thanks guys.

  19. Those of you that used bad words in your comments here are all pythons. How dare you used such words against your fellow Nigerians .

  20. The downfall of Owelle’s political career just started when he said that he can stop boko haramu. That means he knows about the sect in nigeria.

  21. A funeral is not a political rally period! Are we mouning or politicking….. the occassion procedures violeted his principles and he raised the flag simple , afterall he is the chief mourner.

  22. Charlie boy is a disgrace to his family and Nigerian youths in general. It is unfortunate that people are supporting bad and unruly behavior from an adult that behaves like a boy. What has Oputa family done for Oguta that will give any politician a political mileage? The late Oputa was loved for his humility and respect for the law and not for his political sagacity. Charlie the boy behaving like a thug and uncivilized should be condemned and not used for cheap propaganda. Our youths should rise and also condemn his behavior for being an unacceptable role model for them.

  23. And who says Charly boy needs to grow up? He may be wierd but i completely support what he did to Rochas. We all know Rochas is a political prostitute and likes to hear the sound of his own voice.

  24. When last did Oyegun visit Owerri before he becamr APC chairman? The trouble with Rochas is half education. A Peter Obi would have handled the situation better and more maturely. Rochas will not attend the meeting of Igbo govs but will charter planes to attend APC gatherings. He has refused to read the hand writing on the wall. We voted against Ohakim NOT for Rochas. Same way Edo voted for Oshiohmole not for APC.

  25. Charlie Boy is the true son of his father.
    Rochas showed no respect for the late legal luminary therefore deserves no respect from his kids.
    Well done Charlie Boy.

  26. Rochas Okorocha’s burning desire to become Vice President of Nigeria has made him loose touch with people in his main constituency. Wonder why all the maddening drive from Imo state by the opposition policians to throw him out in the next elections.

  27. Rochas Okorocha cannot deceive and lie to the people all the time, how can you announce that you have given the Oputa Family 20 Million when in reality you never gave them a dime, Charley Boy spared you if i were him i would have given you a hot slap useless and lying Governor, look at the raods in Imo and what he is doing with Contractors , lying all the time. But we will surely pay Okorocha back with his own coin in 2015 .

  28. Rochas Okorocha is a disgrace, imagine him announcing 20 million while he did not support the Oputa family in any way, honestly they should have given Okorocha a hot slap , nothing will happen.
    This is a man who will promise you million in public and ask you to come and take it, when you go to take it the story will change again, Okorocha is a real crook and a 419 Governor. everybody is waiting to pay you back in 2015. You deception has failed in Imo State. We now know you better.

  29. An old grand father who is still answering “boy”. The prodigal son has just exhibited that character for which his father disowned him. Any bird dancing by the road has its drummer in the nearby bush. My popular and best serving nigerian governor( Owelle Rochas Okorocha), don’t mind the imbecile for he is just an instrument been used by the nigerian cabals, PDP.

  30. Both of dem are disgrace to Imo state.if charles had been a responsible son,nobody would have even thought of playing pranks with his father burial.Rochas felt he had a prodigal son who sold his birth right long time ago.


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