“One fact that must sink in our memory is this,Terrorism has no

friend, it is an enemy of all. Terrorists are no friends to anyone,

they could kill anyone. They could kill their parents, may kill their

friends and could even kill themselves. Live has no meaning to them,

they are enemies of all, including to themselves. In fact, they are

enemies of live.”


When ever a bomb explode in any part of Nigeria, it is more like a

blast in my heart. It is usually disheartening and regrettable that

such an endless act of wickedness could be taking place in our dear


However, anytime I read reports of any explosion, I feel the effect of

such blast in my heart. It is usually as if the bombing took place

right inside of me. I feel pain and unending sorry.


In recent times, the occurrences of such explosion had gone out of

proportion. From Jos to Borno, Adamawa to Yobe,Gombe to kaduna and

even Abuja to Lagos. Bomb blast could occur in any part of Nigeria as

we speak and anyone could be victim.

According to Carsten Bockstette, George C. Marshall of Center for

European Security Studies. Terrorism is defined as political violence

in an asymmetrical conflict that is designed to induce terror and

psychic fear (sometimes indiscriminate) through the violent

victimization and destruction of noncombatant targets (sometimes

iconic symbols). Such acts are meant to send a message from an illicit

clandestine organization.


If this definition could be considered, I could say I am already a

victim of terror since I have been terrorized and at the moment,I am

scared for myself and my fellow country men who are likely to be

victim of further attacks. I am scared because my fellow humans are

dying,fellow Nigerians have been affected, women and children have

been lost, Muslim and Christians are not safe and even northerners and

southerners are not left out, who is left unaffected? I couldn’t see


In just one blast, countless of lives are lost, properties worth

millions are destroyed,hope’s are dashed, dreams are shattered and

bitterness plus endless grieve are ensured. Loved one’s are gone, able

are turned disabled,children lost their parents and parents also lost

their children.

Even right now, I can still hear the crying voice of the dying victims

and the grief of their families in my heart. Indeed, I am a victim of


While we are crying,grieving and traumatized by such ugly experience

in our national life, some are acquiring billions under the guise of

security, while others are laughing, making calculations of the next

political agenda. To them, it is all about politics and making money.

The same people claim to be protecting the citizens, but when bomb

explode and people are lost, they are the first to climb the podium

dancing azonto while campaigning for next election. So unfortunate I

must confess.


Most importantly, While we express our grieve on our social media

pages seeking to get reasonable response from the authorities to

prevent further lost, their political foot soldiers waste no time in

bombing us even on the social media. To them, every call to reason is

unwanted, every different opinion must be attacked and every sorrowful

expression must be mocked.


Therefore, the dead are recklessly mocked and blamed for their death,

their grieving friends and families are made a laughing stock

carelessly, while our national sorrow is added with insult and bitter

words capable of making every sane mind wonder if those who spite

these mockery in the face of death and such DE-humanizing conditions

are also humans.


To further establish the fact that these terror are closer to us than

we think, the recent bomb blast which occurred in Gombe State happened

right in front of my friends house, their building was seriously

affected. We ought to praised the almighty because their was no one at

home during the suicide mission.


However, a gallant Nigerian Soldier who himself had been complaining

about the attitude of the authorities was lost in the blast. May his

soul rest in peace.


In view of this recent development, we must all understand one thing,

the next victim of bomb blast could be you, it could be me, it could

be anybody. Therefore, If we fail to reason like the next target

feeling we are safe in our room while mocking others, we may be

affected and be the next to be mocked.


If we fail to stand on the path of truth, we may never get justice

when we are affected. If we fail to desist from mocking the victims,

the same people who mocked others with us may be the same to mock us.


Those who died in the latest Abuja bomb blast in Emmab plaza never

believed it could happen in their vicinity (Wuse II). To them, it

could only happen in the outskirt of Abuja. Some of them might have

argued in favor of the oppressors, some probably mocked the victims of

Nyanyan blast on the social media while supporting their political

choices, yet today, they are also victims


Let me restate that, One fact that must sink in our memory is

this,Terrorism has no friend, it is an enemy of all. Terrorists are no

friends to anyone, they could kill anyone. They could kill their

parents, may kill their friends and could even kill themselves. Live

has no meaning to them, they are enemies of all, including to

themselves. In fact, they are enemies of live.

Although, corruption has been aiding terrorism in Nigeria in no small

way, however,the greatest support terrorism enjoy in this part of the

world is the undue politicization of terror by the ruling government,

which couldn’t only set the country ablaze, but could also breeds a

very dangerous omen which if not discontinued could pitch our citizens

against each other.


A situation where the rulling political party release press statements

blaming the opposition party for every bomb blast that exploded

without any concrete evidence to back up such claim is not only an

unforgivable sin,but a crime that must be properly documented in

history and adequately punished in due time. The officers releasing

such statement must be well documented in case anything happens,they

must be held responsible.


It is my believe that, while many are needed to aid a cause, one man

can drive a dream to fruition. South Africa needed one man (Nelson

Mandella) to end Apartheid. I am of the opinion that, If only one man

died in any blast, probably, it could the man destined to accomplish a

great task for Nigeria. If Nelson Mandella had died in a blast before

South Africa was freed of Apartied, who would have ended Apartied? But

in our case, not one man is lost in our countless blasts, countless

are dying daily right in front of us and yet, we mock them under the

guise of gaining political advantage.


Similarly, 6 suspects arrested in connection with the attempt to bomb

winners chapel church in owerri, Imo state were said to have been

released on bail.

According to the police, the 6 suspects comprise one Nigerian, two

Tanzanian, one American and two Ugandans. It was reported on page 43

of leadership newspaper on June 26th,2014.


It is my concern that, If suspects who were arrested in the scene were

released on bail simply because they are not northern,yet, over 483

northerners who were simply traveling in a bus were still held captive

as suspects, how can such absurdity be justified?


It should be recalled that, as a result of the attempted bomb blast in

a church, northerners in Imo state were asked to appear for profiling

and documentation,which was a clear attempt at stigmatizing them as

terrorists. Yet, those suspects caught in the scene were left to walk

free simply because they were not northerners. This is a very bad


I am of the opinion that, if such impression is allowed to spread

among the northern population, I fear for my southern brothers and

sisters living in the north, as they may equally face similar stigma

and even more.


The authorities must act fast to avoid setting the country ablaze.

Though, people can be patient, but not for too long when they are

pushed to the wall.

We must do justice even to our enemies.

Abdulrazaq O Hamzat can be reached on

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