APC Rivers Have Lied Yet Again!!! -PDM‏


Press Statement

It has been brought to our attention that a report mentioning PDM and credited to the “APC” in Rivers state was issued earlier. The mentioned release is not just untrue but also a disgrace to our growing democracy. It is surprising that while other parties are registering members, consulting the people and consolidating on modalities to better their lot, the APC in Rivers State has towed the path of falsehood. Lying should never be so easy. The PDM is still intact in Rivers State and always will be.


No registered member of the PDM has defected to the APC. If they have, they should produce their PDM membership registration numbers. This is analog politics played by people who live in the same world they claim they seek to change. We call on the leadership of APC to demonstrate they stand by the truth and call their spokes person, Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze to order, and abstain from telling lies or spreading untrue stories in an attempt to gain popularity. The APC rather should focus on their party and state affairs and leave we the Rivers State PDM out of it.


If they can lie about the trivial, can we trust them on anything? Where does a registered party, recognized by INEC get merged into another at state level? They must think Rivers people and Nigerians are fools. We would like to use this opportunity to call on all well meaning Nigerians who believe in the need for change to use the manual registration exercise to join the only party that truly offers change. With millions of online members already registered at www.pdm.ng, there is clearly something we are doing right. If APC would stop spending so much time abusing and deceiving Nigerians, maybe they too would learn something.


Contrary to the untruths coughed up by Eze, it is no secret that the PDM leadership has been visited on several occasions by the original and verifiable APC leadership before the pending move by Amaechi to hijack their party. They knew what was coming and were seeking refuge from the dictators disguised as democrats and saviours of the people. Their worst fears have now been realized. Discussions have reached an advanced stage and when the move does happen, it won’t be imagined in press releases or radio broadcasts but seen in verifiable clarity on your TV screens. We have to much respect for Rivers people to be part of their continued deception.


Tonye Princewill though not a member of PDM is a Prince and a gentleman and remains closer to us than he ever will be to APC. Even though he remains a member of PDP, he understands the principle of politics without bitterness and giving love to all – even those who hurt him. We hope that one day our paths will cross but till then we will focus on serving Rivers people and working from the grassroots up.




God bless PDM!!!!!



God bless Rivers State!!!!



God bless Nigeria!!!!!




Hon. Tony Ijere


(Interim Publicity Secretary)



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