Femi Fani Kayode, the erstwhile minister of Aviation, currently on trial for syphoning N19 billion during his 6 month tenure, has been exposed as Bianca Ojukwu’s internet stalker and abuser since 2010 on Nairaland!

Last week, following an attack on Tiwa Savage by controversial internet blogger Kemi Omololu, a group of Kemi Olunloyo’s former classmates posted an article on Nairaland, titled ‘Is Kemi Omololu Olunloyo Nigeria’s worst liar?’

As usual, Nigerians jumped in to comment on the article which exposed the fact that contrary to the impression given by Kemi Olunloyo that she grew up in the UK and had spent her teenage years in the UK, she had in fact grown up in Ibadan and spent only 1 year in the UK in from 1981-82 at age 19 and left without any ‘meaningful’ qualifications.  The poster of the article also claimed that Kemi doctored her age and that she had been a promiscuous student, aborting a pregnancy in Class 4, and before and after her WAEC, leading to kemi finishing Secondary school at age 18 when others finished at 15 or 16 years old.

The posters of the article also described Kemi as arriving in the UK without knowledge of deodorant and described her as a ‘smelly outcast’ avoided by both Nigerians and British students.

Bianca and Ojukwu

They also debunked Kemi’s claim that she was friends with former Governor Saraki, Lanre Tejuosho, Segun Cole, Agu Irukwu and Toyin Ojora.  At the point of Kemi’s sojourn in the UK, her father had not become governor and she was a non-entity who had clearly wanted to belong but who was a social misfit.

In a bizzare twist, two particular commentators known as T8KSY and T9KSY suddenly hijacked the commentary which had focused entirely on Kemi Olunloyo and diverted it to Femi Fani Kayode, even leading to protests from other commentators that the topic had digressed from Kemi Olunloyo’s deception to Fani Kayode.

AT some point, a poster called Infotekniks2, possibly a security company, identified T8KSY and T9KSY as Femi Fani Kayode, stating that Fani Kayode had used the ID to post severally and had claimed the ID as his own on his facebook page.

With this revelation came a torrent of comments calling out Fani Kayode.  A cursory inspection of the posts of T8KSY and T9KSY on Google showed that they had over 64 pages of posts which reveal a flood of abusing crude comments, mostly directed against Igbo people.  His verbal diatribe against Igbos was particularly vicious, at one point claiming that post 2015, no Igbos will live in his territory, calling Igbos ‘bloody ingrates’ and telling them ‘ we just don’t want to have anything to do with you guys’.

In 2011, just before Ojukwu died, he referred to him as ‘a monkey look-alike’ called Bianca names and called Zik ‘a washed out ugly harlot’ and 4 days after Ojukwu’s death, posted a long foul mouthed diatribe against Ojukwu and Bianca.  He also posted a host of uncomplimentary comments about President Jonathan and his wife Patience.  His virulent attacks on Stella Oduah are well documented in these posts; and the common denominator of all his attacks on both male and female personalities is a sick obsession with accusing them of unprintable sexual perversions.


Unfortunately, T8KSY is directly traceable to Fani Kayode and the focus of T8KSY on Bianca became obsessive considering that the article was directed against Kemi Olunloyo and her recent attack on Tiwa Savage.

In a bizzare claim, T8KSY claimed that Fani Kayode knew Bianca in Cambridge in 1985 and he was immediately called out by a poster called ‘Vikingman’ who claimed to have been at the Law School with Fani Kayode in 1985.  Indeed, Law School records prove beyond doubt that Fani Kayode was at the Nigerian Law School throughout 1985 and certainly could not have been in the UK where Bianca was at that point.

From the above, it means that:

 A: Kemi Olunloyo  was in the UK for only 1 year and left for the USA in 1982 when neither her father nor Bianca’s father were yet governors.

B: Onoh, Bianca’s father, became governor in 1983;

C: Fani Kayode was in Cambridge for only 1 year (1983-1984) and left the UK for Nigeria in 1984;

D: Fani Kayode was in Law School, Lagos throughout 1985;

E: It then follows that Fani Kayode could not have been in the UK with Bianca in 1985;

F:  Kemi Omololu could not have been a witness to the claimed romance since she was in America at that material time and Fani Kayode was in Lagos at the Nigerian Law School, Lagos unless both of them were spirits!

G:  Logically then, all Kemi Olunloyo said was pure fabrication as stated by her class-mates!  Logically also, Fani Kayode could only have been hallucinating of a relationship with someone at a time and place that could not be!

It is then quite clear that Fani Kayode and Kemi Olunloyo appear to be in some sort of unholy alliance.

Our efforts to reach the names mentioned was partially successful as one of them, speaking on condition of anonymity, told us that Kemi was delusional and that he did not know her in London and he doubted if the others mentioned had anything to do with Kemi either.  Kemi’s mythical ‘London crowd’ was also jeered at as a figment of her overactive imagination.

The source told us that the different ages of those mentioned by Kemi precludes their academic paths crossing and he was particularly amused by the thought of someone being in a class with another person 7 years their junior, going by the claims of the different parties involved.  He pointed out that by the time an 11 year old is in secondary school, a 4 year old is still in nursery!  Likewise, a 25 years old postgraduate student would be seriously deranged to be claiming to be at school with a 17 year old student.  He told us to go and do our maths and use our intelligence!

The most shocking revelation was that since the registration of T8KSY and T9KSY in 2010, he had been posting abusive messages about Bianca, making it a point of duty to follow any topic with her name and posting very vicious, dirty comments which exposed him as extremely disturbed and full of hate.

It is indeed a shame that a former Minister of Nigeria, even without a job, should spend his entire time on the internet following the life of one woman who he abused for 3 consecutive years on the internet before suddenly claiming that he’d had a relationship with her.  Unfortunately for him, he himself also proved himself a liar by his hound-dog focus on Bianca on an article about Kemi Olunloyo and exposing himself as a pure liar.

The friends of Tiwa Savage seem to have achieved more than they ever aimed for and opened a big can of worms and would appear to have unwittingly exposed the fact that both Kemi Olunloyo and Femi Fani Kayode seem to be involved in some kind of vendetta against Bianca.

At present, the motive for their actions remains unclear.