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Jigawa: “It Is Only In Nigeria That Feeder Road Could Be Used As Airport” – Faruq Adamu Aliyu



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By Umar Akilu Majeri, Dutse
The former member representing Buji Birnin kudu federal constituency
and one time gubernatorial aspirant in Jigawa under the platform of
action progressive congress CPC Alhaji Faruq Adamu Aliyu has challenged
governor Lamido on poor performance and carelessness with people
money in the name of developmental project

Alhaji Faruq stated this with our reporter
in an exclusive interview in Dutse. He said even the secondary school
that governor Lamido attended in his home town Birninkudu, student are
sitting and receiving lesson on the floor – and “it is the same in the
hospital of his home town. I just came back yesterday you will find
three to four people on a bed and many people lying on the bear floor
waiting doctor to attend them
” he lamented.

It is not only in Birninkudu, it is the same in Dutse, Hadejia,
Gumel and all over the State where you have people in need of
livelihood you take their hard earned N11B and sink in building an

Alhaji Faruq further stated “Let me start by coming back to needs and
want. There is difference between need and want. Yes we want an
airport, underground train, we want all the good things of life but
then in a State where the primary school where the Governor attended
as I speak today the Governors alma matter pupils are sitting on the
bare floor does that people need airport
” he stated.

He further lamented that “You know it is reckless, malicious, wicked
to the people and God shall judge the Governor for misusing public
funds to bring us a project that we do not need. Look he started by
saying the airport was going to be a cargo airport, now cargo what? To
export agricultural products or what kind of cargo
” he stated.

He explained that from the remotest part of Jigawa to Kano is a maximum
of two and half hours journey. Why can’t the Governor start a pilot
project on the things he said he wants the Jigawa people to start
exporting. Why can’t he start a pilot project of those agricultural
products and export them through Kano. And after that he can start
thinking of building an airport.

It is airport built for himself and his children because they are the
only people that can afford to chatter an aircraft and fly in and out.
The saddest part for the Northern Governors instead of them to
concentrate on fighting Boko haram, instead of them to concentrate on
developing agriculture and education. In Bauchi, Zamfara and Kebbi they
are also building an airport.

These are useless ventures. There are projects that will give them
more money because when you award bigger contracts you get better cuts
and to hell with whatever happens when they leave.

When cockroaches, reptiles and rats will occupy the edifice they don’t
care as I speak to you Katsina also has this type of airport is bogus,
it’s there and nothing happens to it – in fact this year’s hajj even the
pilgrims of Katsina were not airlifted from the Katsina airport. You
cannot use public fund to fund this kind of project because it is
share irresponsibility. Talk of the jamboree that happened in Jigawa.

It is only in Nigeria that a feeder road would be allowed to be used
as an airport, because as far as I am concerned that runway is not
more than a feeder road. This is happening in a country where some few
days earlier an aircraft crashed in the most sophisticated airport in
Nigeria so if fan is serious they should have grounded that aircraft
that flew to Dutse.

They should have sanctioned the Governor and they should have come out
to tell us why they allowed that thing to happen. It is just to show
that the Givernors especially Lamido is not more than a brigand, he is
a tyrant, an emperor and that is why he did what he did.

“How can you do such a jamboree and the next day flight are not
operating? Was the airport built just for him? Did he do it just for
people to see him flyout. Why can’t I go and flyout of that airport or
why can’t other people flyout of the airport. It is airport for him,
his children and his cronies” he explained.

He added that surely “God shall judge him and on behalf of Jigawa
people what we say is Allah yayi Isah because he has taken our money
to do what we do not need” he lamented.

faruq further stated What we need are Hospital, agriculture,
education. I mean if he improves these our people will not be going to
Portharcourt to be gatemen, shoe shiners and doing herd lebor they
will not going to oweri to be truck pushers. All these kind of things.
So if the Governor will be that irresponsible what do you say that is
why I say Allah yayisah.” he insisted.

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