Kano Gov’t Plans Grand Reception For Al Mustapha



Information available to 247ureports.com obtained through competent source stationed in Kano near the activities of the Kano State government reveal that the Kwankwaso led administration has begun preparation for a grand reception for Al Mustapha – following his recent acquittal by a Lagos High Court on Friday July 12, 2013.

According to the information received, the Kano State Government is said to have contracted the preparation of the grand reception for the Kano son [Al Mustapha] in order to shield itself away from any perceive political backlash that may follow – a frontal backing of the Kano State government of Al Mustapha.

But a source within the Kwankwaso administration told 247ureports.com that Al Mustapha had since attained the status of a hero in Kano – in the like manner that his former boss – Sani Abacha – had attained a hero status in Kano. The source reveals that the Kano State is cognizant of the high political currency associated with associating with Al Mustapha. For this reason, the State government is determined to embrace the release of Al Mustapha with open arms.

The Kano State government has denied knowledge of the planned reception. The denial came through the Commissioner of Information, Prof Farok who told 247ureports.com that “I am not aware but will find out. No harm in celebrating the release of an innocent victim of a circumstance

Al Mustapha has yet to arrive Kano.

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  1. Gentlemen and ladies,as we can see ,the merger of a hard core Awusa CPC and Hard Core Oduaa ACN has favored Awusa more than anything,with an in-house agreement to do everything possible to show that ACN will support the North to take back powers and hold it for another 40 years ,the ACN ,a private heaven of Bola Tinubu the Asiwaju of Oduaaland has conceeded all things and all ground.

    First he handed the Presidential ticket to Buhari,then to prove that he is totally ready to do anything to show his submission to Buhari,under his watch and in Lagos ,an ACN STRONG HOLD ,MUSTAPHA the Man that killed a Yoroba Daughter Kudirat Abiola,who the court in Lagos before the merger gave death sentence ,but after the merger ,the man that killed the wife of AARE KAKANFO OF YOROBALAND,chief MKO ABIOLA was used as hand shake across the dessert.

    The question now is what is the benefit of ordinary Yoroba person that cannot be allowed to share whatever booty that will be extended to ACN STALWARTS ?

    Mazi Odera
    Truth is our standard,accept it in good faith or
    we shove it down your throat.The Choice is yours.
    I am off but on


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