Interview: Gov. Orji’s Youth Empowerment Program Has Brought Relief to the People – Hon. Cyracus Ohameze


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Hon. Cyracus Ohameze, Chairman, Gov. Ochendo Youth Empowerment Programme Association, an umbrella body for beneficiaries of the Youth Empowerment Programme of the Abia state government, spoke to on how he emerged a beneficiary, the activities of his association and impression about the programme.


As the chairman of the Gov. Ochendo youth Empowerment programme Association, what is the body all about?

It is a gathering of individuals and groups who have benefited from the youth empowerment programme of the Gov. Theodore Orji administration. The youth empowerment programme, as you can see it, is ongoing. We are here to tell the world about the wonderful works of the governor and also to inform them that the programme is real.

You just got a vehicle from the youth empowerment programme of the Abia state government, what is your impression?

I’m grateful to Gov. Theodore Orji for his magnanimity. It takes a governor with a liberal spirit to design such programmes which has gone a long way to reduce of youth empowerment in the state. I pray it continues, you have to consider the impact of this empowerment programme on the lives of market women and their families. Gov. Theodore Orji’s empowerment programme has brought great relief to the people of the state. His love for the people is unparalleled. I pray that God Almighty will grant him the wherewithal to continue to empower people.

How were you nominated for the programme?

You don’t need a godfather to benefit from the empowerment; our problem is that people don’t believe that such programmes are real. Some of them think it is only for people whose relations work in Government House or that they must know someone. This is not the case with the programme. I learnt that this empowerment programme has been going on for years now. I think this is even the fifth batch this year 2013. I was on air on the BCA radio when something was being said about the youth empowerment programme, it was at this point that I started to make enquiries. If you have been fortunate to visit Abia Government House, you will observe that a lot of empowerment programmes are going on. On a day, I went to confirm if this exercise was real, I saw more than 1000 women who were being given fertilizers and other items of empowerment free of charge. People hardly get closer to assess government programme, but would spread rumours about how such things are distributed or that it is meant for particular set of people. There are many non Abians who benefited from the programme during this batch. I know of one indigene of Ebonyi state who got the same type of vehicle with me. So, the rumour that beneficiaries must know somebody is being spread by uninformed persons.

Most people believe such programmes are not given free, how much did you pay to benefit from the programme?

I didn’t pay a dime to benefit from the programme. It is a programme meant to assist the less privileged of the society, it is given free to recipients. It is because of the caring nature of our governor that he established the programme to assist the less privileged of the society. I know some roadside traders in Aba and Umuahia who got buses and cars from the programme; free of charge. The only condition is that you are not allowed to repaint the vehicle; whether you are using it for private or commercial purposes. I want to inform you that the empowerment programme has been going to all individuals and groups being championed by the governor, the First Lady and his son, Engr. Orji who has been a blessing to the youths of the state. Their works speaks volume in all the nooks and crannies of the state. One can say that the trio has been competing to make life better for the people.

Do you have any word of advice for the governor?

I want him to continue to empower the people. As the saying goes that you give people fish, they will come back to you but when you teach them how to catch fish, you make them self reliant. I think this is the idea behind what Gov. Orji is doing. The Abia first family deserves to be commended for their benevolence. Ochendo has given a facelift to many sectors of the state economy; Health, Education, roads, security among others. For the youth empowerment programme, it is ongoing, what any intending beneficiary must do is to access government Ministries, Department and Agencies about information on such programmes. It is of no use to sit in your house or beer parlour spreading false stories about what you don’t know. We have already formed an association of beneficiaries, to be known as Ochendo Youth Empowerment Programme Association, Abia state. This will be a forum to appreciate the efforts of the governor as it will encourage him to do more. We have 60 persons who benefited from this 5th batch. It is not easy to give buses to such number of persons at a time, so we are grateful to the governor for his giant stride



  1. A commendable effort here. God bless our dear governor for his unflinching effort in providing job opportunities among the youth through the youth empowerment programme for Abian youths. God who secured your office will secure you to finish your tenure. Thanks you sir.


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