Boko Haram: “Shekau, In A Distant Country Reequipping”



The violent incursion by the Jihadist group, the Boko Haram, into an already fractured Nigeran democratic experience appears a dire predicament Nigeria will have to battle for a longer time than originally thought.

Current efforts by the federal government against the continued growth of the jihadist group seem ineffective. Although the federal government’s efforts appeared well articulated and properly executed, it nonetheless delivered limited success in pragmatic terms. To date, monies in excess of two trillion Naira has been expended towards battling the Boko Haram – an amount larger than the amount expended in the three years of Nigerian invasion of Biafra.

Information available to from competent sources paint a picture too grim. The recent news report of Shekau – the leader of the Jihadist group – cornered by the Nigerian security forces near the mountains at the Cameroun / Borno border may have been based on faulty intelligence. New information from the theater of activity suggests Shekau relocated to a ‘distant country’ long before the placement of bounty on his capture by the United States of America.  The exact country is not certain but Northern Sudan or Senegal is suspected.

The state of emergency declaration at the three problematic states – Adamawa, Borno and Yobe – according to information received – was preceded by a systematic evacuation of Boko Haram operatives out of the three sensitive states – out to areas considered safe – and conducive to strategize and to reequip.

They are silently regrouping” a source out of Maiduguri who gave her name as ‘Hawa’ told our correspondent – that Boko Haram had prior intelligence of the declaration of state of emergency before it was communicated through the ranks of the military. The high level officers of the Jihadist group “left town” before the arrival of the heavy machinery of the Nigerian military.  “They moved first to a community near Madaras before heading out through the mountains” said Hawa who went on to claim that some within the military knew of the movement of the Jihadist group. It is noted however that Hawa’s claim has yet to be unverified.

But what appears certain is that there appears a lull in the violent activities of the group. Of which some have attributed to the corrective actions of the Nigerian military while other point to a more sinister reason for the lull. They claim the Jihadist group is merely re-organizing to strike – as the mechanizations towards the 2015 presidential elections – which have been tagged by the group as a contest and/or battle between the Islamic north and the rest of the country.

New intelligence reports indicate military and intelligence support for group to be coming from former military personnel of the assassinated head of state of Libya, Gadaffi – who had fled Libya to the northern mountainous regions of Mali. The Iran funded Jihadist group, the Hezbollah, along without other well-funded international Jihadist groups are believed to be involved in the “reequipping of Boko Haram“.

It is feared the group may exploit the widening political [or cultural] divide – as the temperature of the presidential election campaign rises across the expected divide – through orchestration of strikes at choice targets – such as assassinations of top level political personalities in the north. According to intelligence reports, the Kaduna model – where the death of the Christian Governor resulted to the seize in violent Jihadist activities -may be the model adopted by the group for the 2015 elections. In addition, the group is believed to be undergoing the developmental stages of setting a plan to disrupt electioneering exercise in the entire northern Nigeria – including the north east and north central.

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  1. I have a terrible nightmare, why kano is still being attacked? Why is it only Sabon Gari? I have a thought if Kano state Governor is not tactical the people of Kano will continue to be under attack. His political inclination and strong stand made it impossible for the people of Kano to find peace so he failed to bend down for the President.Killing innocent people of the Southern part of this country by well planned attacks may not ignite the turmoil as expected to bring unrest so that state of emergency be imposed on Kano state till the 2015 election. The people of Kano must stand firm and calm no matter what. NO reprisal even when they order attack on our people in the south because that may be the end of the whole things. I beg the Southerners to understand that we respect them we know we all need each other even when at war times like this. I also beg them to know that we are in pain of the attacks and we whole hearted condemned the attacks and we pray for the affected persons eternal peace and quick recovery.


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