PhotoNews: Evaluating Abia State Polytechnic, Aba

Abia State Polytechnic, Aba in Abia State – is presented in ‘real’ photo essay. Brief interview with some of the student body indicate satisfaction with the manner the school is managed and administered. The school has yet to embark on any strikes.

Below are the photos.

IMG00348-20130517-1458 IMG00349-20130517-1458 IMG00350-20130517-1458 IMG00351-20130517-1459 IMG00354-20130517-1726 IMG00355-20130517-1726 IMG00356-20130517-1727 IMG00358-20130517-1728 IMG00359-20130517-1729 IMG00361-20130517-1732 IMG00362-20130517-1733 IMG00363-20130517-1735 IMG00367-20130517-1737 IMG00370-20130517-1738 IMG00371-20130517-1738 IMG00373-20130517-1739 IMG00376-20130517-1740 IMG00378-20130517-1741 IMG00381-20130517-1742 IMG00382-20130517-1742 IMG00385-20130517-1744 IMG00386-20130517-1744 IMG00390-20130517-1754 IMG00392-20130517-1754 IMG00401-20130517-1757 IMG00402-20130517-1757 IMG00404-20130517-1802 IMG00405-20130517-1802 IMG00406-20130517-1802 IMG00408-20130517-1803 IMG00410-20130517-1805 IMG00418-20130517-1808


  1. This looks more like a refugee camp in Lebanon than a Polytechnic. Amy wonder most of the graduates cannot spell their own names right.

    In 5 years time, this place will graduate to look like a refugee camp in Haiti


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