Shekau Releases Audio Dismisses Amnesty, Says It Is FG That Should Seek Amnesty From Boko Haram


boko haram

Leader of the Jama’atu Ahlis Sunnah Lid Da’awati wal Jihad, Ibrahim Shekau, yesterday released an audio clip in which he dismissed the reported moves by the Federal Government to consider granting amnesty to the sect.


In the 30-minute recording, Shekau, who spoke in Hausa, Arabic and English, said it was the government that should be seeking for amnesty of his group, which is also known as Boko Haram, and not the other way round.


But he said even though the sect is the one wronged and the one that should be asked for amnesty it, it was not ready to grant any pardon to the government.

“We are surprise that today it is the Federal Government saying it will grant us amnesty. Oh God, is it we who will grant you amnesty or you are the one to grant us amnesty?

“What have we done? If there is room for forgiveness, we are not going to do it until God give us permission to do it. Have you forgotten your sin, have you forgotten what you have done to us in Plateau the state you called Jos,” he said.

Shekau was reacting to the reported setting up of a committee last week by the National Security and Defence Council to consider the possibility of granting amnesty to Boko Haram.

The committee is due to present its report to the council next week.


Government’s moves came in the wake of widespread calls for amnesty to the sect, coming after Sultan Sa’ad Abubakar urged President Jonathan to consider making a declaration to that effect when he visited Maiduguri last month.

 “We emerge to avenge killings of our Muslim brothers and the destruction of our religion. Was not in Plateau we saw people cannibalising our brothers?”



  1. Shekau or what ever u cal ur self why not show ur self and confront d government u send ur boys on suicide mission and yet u keep hiding and runing up and down d main reason u wont come out is fear of been known and caught bcos u are a prisoner of your conscience,I think u and ur groups are d worst carnibals,in Jos u killed and maimed women and childred by marchet cuts,u slit open d preagnant in kaduna and bring out developing foetus and slaughter it,are u not a monster,in madalla catholic church u roasted armles worshipers like goats via Bombing,is a witch not better than u? U shoots christian worshipers just like that and u are caling GOD,pls use d name of satan bcos he’s ur father.U hav pushed pple 2 the wall and u’re are now crying wolf where there’s none,darkness can never overcome light no matter what,any way shekau can’t speak English somebody spoke for him,soon God’s judgement will catch up with this satan incarnate.


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