Rejoinder: I Was Offered 3 Billion Naira To Impeach Okorocha



I noted with dismay the recent media publication credited to the Speaker of the Imo State House of Assembly Rt. Hon Benjamin Uwajumogu wherein the Speaker claimed that  the Presidency , Chief Martin Agbaso, the PDP, Chief Emeka Offor and others offered him =N=3 billion in August 2012 to impeach Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State.

Every discerning Nigerian knows that the statement is a pure fabricated lie sponsored by Governor Okorocha and Uwajimogu to win public sympathy. Imo people are wiser, you fooled Imolites once in the case of Jude Agbaso, Uwajimogu you can’t fool us again.

It is however very unfortunate that a person occupying the exalted position of the Speaker of a State House of Assembly will cook up such a big lie in order to appear like a loyal servant to Governor Okorocha just to save his job.

One wonders how you, Benjamin Uwajimogu, that received  N150,000,000 to Impeach Jude Agbaso, will see N3,000,000,000 and look the other way.

Will a man as corrupt as Uwajimogu, armed with a long list of impeachable offenses committed by Okorocha, see N3billion Naira and look the other way ?

Uwajimogu, please stop insulting the sensibility of Imo people. If you are looking for something to do, setup a committee to recover the entire sum paid to Jpros and bring all the culprits to book.

If you are looking for something to do, recommend the sack of Macdonald Akano for the role he played in the Jpros Scandal.

If you are looking for what to do, confront Imo state Government for the violation of CGC law by appointing CGC members instead of conducting CGC election as captured in IMHA CGC law, which you Uwajimogu and your house of Assembly Passed into law.

Uwajimogu If you don’t know what to do, set up a committee to look into the allegation that IMSU students are paying N20, 000 on top of the so called “100 % free education given to them”.

Uwajimogu if you are so idle and you don’t know what to do, setup another committee to investigate why monumental projects that have received 40% payment are yet to take off.

If you are looking for what to do, setup a committee to investigate the over N38, 000,000 collected from CGC candidates by ISEC last year without conducting any election.

Uwajimogu, If you are looking for what to do , setup a committee to investigate what Okorocha did with =N=13.3 Billion Bond Proceeds out of the N18.5 taken by the Imo State Government during Ohakim’s regime, =N=3 Billion SUBEB project account, =N=2.5 Billion Local Government Joint Project Account, =N=3.6 Billion left in JAAC Account by the previous administration, =N=488 Million in VAT account, More than N26.27 Billion of Local Government Allocations for 27 Local Government Areas in Imo State, =N=670 Million Imo children fund, etc. and make your findings public.

If you are looking for what to do, Uwajimogu, setup a committee to look into how Plots of Lands allotted to citizens of the State were revoked without due Process and lands belonging to communities appropriated to Okorocha’s Family Members, Associates and Friends using his son In-law,who he made Commissioner for Lands . Please make your findings public.

Uwajimogu, set up a committee to look into the use of ISOPADEC funds, if you don’t know what to do and make your findings public.

Uwajimogu, at the inception of this administration, Governor Okorocha told the

whole world that he had ceded the state legislative quarters to Concorde Hotel

Owerri and named it Concord Extension. Later, he renamed the place Luxury

Apartment and leased it to his partner in crime who is his Special Adviser on

Project Monitoring, Prince Macdonald Akano for 25 years, you kept mute.


Uwajimogu under your watch, Okorocha took all the world-class Printing and

Sword Machines worth over 200 million naira (acquired by Mbakwe

Administration) belonging to Imo Newspapers to Lagos for repairs and Sold them to his company Lamonde Press in Lagos at the paltry sum of =N=200,000.

Under our watch, a state Governor declared a Public Holiday and literally shot down the state for a week, just to celebrate his birthday, and wasted huge amount of state funds in the whole birthday jamboree.

Uwajimogu under your watch Okorocha used the state funds to build a private university in Ogboko under the pretence of relocating IMSU to Ogboko, you kept quiet.

Uwajimogu, under your watch people’s houses in Orlu, Owerri and Okigwe were demolished without compensation, you kept quiet.

Uwajimogu, under your watch, Okorocha reduced admission quota for Imo Indigenes in Imo State University and Imo State Polytechnics (IMSU) to 30%, Prof. B.E.B Nwoke even lost his job for daring to speak up against this policy, Uwajimogu you kept quiet.

Uwajimogu does it not border you that Okorocha is owing Retired Primary School Teachers who retired from 1991 till date 10 months arrears of pensions (these group of pensioners form 70% of the entire pensioners in Imo state) no gratuities and no hope to pay them in the next 2 years

Uwajimogu shouldn’t it be viewed as an act of wickedness against Imo people that  you and your Assembly allowed the ceding of all the General Hospitals in Imo State to Okorocha’s  Northern Nigerian associate for 15 years.

Uwajimogu, please where is the proceeds from the lease of Adapalm, ITC, General Hospitals , Concord Hotel etc or will you pretend you don’t know they have been wired into Okorocha’s private accounts?

Does it not bother Uwajimogu that the streets of Owerri are littered with abandoned city gates projects because the contractors handling those projects have not been paid?

Uwajimogu where were you when such a funny project was started in the first instance.

Has it not come to Uwajimogu’s notice that over 20 months arrears of pensions of retired staff of I.B.C have not been paid.

Uwajimogu, did you decide to turn a blind eye to these things because of the road contracts you are doing in the state or the ones you awarded even though the law does not permit you to exercise such powers…. EFCC will soon open your case.

Uwajimogu, Stop fooling yourself you and your entire assembly goofed, Imo people are wiser. You are simply looking for a story to justify your now ignoble action.

Sorry, Imo people now know the truth. Very soon it will be your turn to face the music.

 Dr. Philip Emenalo


Imo League of Professionals 



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