Kano Park Bombing: Kwankwaso Employs Fake Igbo Leader For A Hatchet Job


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The unfortunate ordeal of the Jihadist bombing of a popular luxury Bus loading depot located along New Road in the minority dominated community of Sabon Gari has found a new face in the wake of rising new criticism of the State security apparatus. As 247ureports.com was reliably informed, the State governor of Kano State, Malam Rabiu Kwankwaso has opted to tap into the minority population inside Sabon Gari to help suppress the number of casualties sustained during the bombing episode.

As gathered, immediately following the bombing, Governor Kwankwaso generated a list of casualties from the Kano State Government house. The casualty list comprised of many Kano indigenes – with one Igbo and one Yoruba name. The list was labeled as fictitious by the Igbo leaders in Kano State. The Igbo leaders comprising of Ohaneze Ndigbo leaders and his executive team – in turn – began the compilation of a broad casualty list.

The Governor’s list had pegged the number of dead at 36 with 75 wounded.

But a new twist to the governor’s attempt to suppress the number minority killed in the attack raised its tentacles yesterday – as hired numbers of the Luxurious Bus Drivers Association in Kano – dashed into the residence of the Kano State Ohaneze top boss, Chief Tobias Idika – demanding the Ohaneze list of casualties.

Reacting, Chief Idika directed them to the Ohaneze secretariat as where the official documents are stored. In the company of Idika, the group matched to the Ohaneze office.  While at the office, Idika requested for the Bus driver’s own list – to enable for comparison and better collation – and to avoid duplication of names. But the men refused.

After a heated debate that lasted for about 30minutes, the men agreed for an exchange of the casualty list. The men grabbed the list and took off.

Minutes after collecting the list, the men arrived at the home of an apologist of Kwankwaso – a fellow by the name – Boniface Ibekwe.  While at the home of Ibekwe, the men proceeded to doctor the Ohaneze list – about six pages out of the Ohaneze list were pulled out and discarded. The number of casualty was now revised to match the number originally reported by Kwankwaso.

Having revised the numbers, Boniface Ibekwe hurriedly convenes a Press Briefing to address the Press. The press briefing was held yesterday at Sabon Gari. At the press briefing he remarked that Igbos were not the targeted people by the Jihadist attackers – that the majority of the casualty were sustained by Kano Indigenes.

But the leaders of the minority community in Kano along with the Ohaneze top boss, in reacting to the latest development, told 247ureports.com that Boniface Ibekwe had been voted and branded as a ‘sellout’ and an ‘enemy from within’ by the minority community in Kano. “We know him as the enemy from within – who the state government uses to fight the minority community”.

The Ohaneze group in Kano noted that in due time the actual number of dead will be released – along with their names.



  1. This is all your own problem the media people. Whether you like it or not, we know Muslims are the target. If they are targeting Christians, why in Kano, they know where they will have higher casualty. We pray for the peaceful coexistence in Kano. You say whatever you want to say, we know our governor is working hard to tackle this mess. May Kano be peaceful, and may the perpetrators be destroyed, amen. Muhammad

  2. Did a smell ethno-religious sentiment?you guys can say/write what ever u want write.but u ll never succeed in bringing disunity to the state.


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