Attack on Emir: “Attack from within the Emirate, not Boko Haram” – Security Source



The deadly attack on January 19, 2013 in the northern State of Nigeria on the convoy of the Emir of Kano, Ado Bayero may have awakened embryonic fears of insecurity – and may have brought a renewed awareness to the doorsteps of many of the top ranking northern political elites and religious leaders who had previously enjoyed a blanket sense of security.

Credible information available to obtained through a competent source within the security operatives stationed in Kano metropolis reveal that the attack on the Emir of Kano State may have been orchestrated by persons other than the dreaded Jihadist group, the Boko Haram – or its many copycat groups that have sprung up in the many quarters of northern Nigeria. The security source pointed to internal tussles within the Emirate as responsible for the deadly attack on the Emir.

The security source – who happens to be a top ranking operative in Kano – revealed that the security agents in Kano have been apprehensive towards making arrests following the January 19, 2013 attack. “Indicators are clear that point away from Boko Haram as the culprit” said the operative who went on to disclose that the Joint Task Force [JTF] had made secret arrests of suspected persons in the last two days. This he said while revealing that the suspects had been taken to a safe location where they were undergoing interrogation. “So far we are pleased with what we are getting”.

The source recalled that Alhaji Ado Bayero was hit on his way back from an Islamic graduation ceremony [Saukan Karatu] held at the Murtala Mohammed Mosque in Hausawa Quarters of Kano city – where three of his aides, and three others were killed- injuring others – including the two sons of the Emir – who are believed to be heir apparent to the throne.

Among those who lost their lives were – the interim Chairman of Kumbotso Local Government in the state, Alhaji Muhammad Kura and three palace guards. Their names were not disclosed.

According to the source, immediately the emir left the venue of the Quranic competition, a suspected bomb was reported to have gone off in a Sport Utility Vehicle [SUV] before the emir’s vehicle could reach the main road. This was followed by gunshots from the suspect assailants. After shooting at the emir’s convoy, the gunmen began shooting sporadically into the air to scare away people.

The security source noted the shooting pattern and target selection off the Emir’s convoy by the culprits – as indicative of attack aimed at the throne of the Emir – and less on the person of the Emir. He added that the vehicle carrying the Emir was lined up several vehicles away from the vehicle carrying his two children. But “the attackers selectively targeted the vehicle carrying the Emir and the one carrying his two children – without injuring or killing other bystanders”, said the security top boss.

In discussions with persons familiar with the ongoings within the Emirate council, the security source’s revelations were confirmed. One of the persons who talked with stated that the mood within the Royal Palace spells despair and disappointment. Amongst the member of the ruling council, it is believed that attack on the Emir was orchestrated from within – by parties or persons with interest in the Emir’s throne.  Members of the Royal House are reported to be experiencing a discord within themselves following suspicions and subtle accusations. The 1st class Chiefs are said to be under watch by the Palace intelligence outfit. This is according to the source.

Meanwhile the Emir and his two children remain in London where they were rushed to immediately following the deadly attack. Our source notes that – although the Emir did not sustain injuries during the attack – the trauma of the attack – was said to have resulted in the collapse of the Emir – after he had reached home. His collapse necessitated the emergency trip to London.

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  1. Your people should not divert attention , the boko haram is solely responsible for all the security challenges in the North, if they had not be bombing , no one would ve hide under them to plan to kill the Emir of is political tools of the north ,been used by opponents of any authority they don’t like . be it Emir of kano , sultan of sokoto, Gej government.

  2. The blam is from our government,becouse the security are not seeying there welfere, how u be able serve ur nation, the big ogas they are the one eating the welfere,and the presedent know but not follow, any way one day monkey will go market with out coming back useless governmen bad leadership.

  3. We’re not surprised as we still remember “Sabon Sarki Sabon Gwamna,” that is new governor new emir, which was a slogan of the Kwankwasiyya party, as well as the man that is desperate to take over. Allah Ya ja zamanin Sarki.

  4. Our traditional leaders that are insist on goodluck presidential contesting this is what will be happen 2 u continuesily if care no be taken, so take note that otherwise u will end of no ware, may olmighty Allah continue protecting our country Nigeria 4rm d evil of our hamful leaders and bad citizen. allah ya kara kare shugabaninmu na musulunci daga shari mai shari.

  5. That Was My Suspicion Right From Day One. Something Happened During Abacha’s Reign And The Central Character Then Is The Same Character Behind The ‘Sabon Gwamna Sabon Sarki’ Mantra Of The Kwankwasiyya Party. The Security Agencies Should Be Bold In Their Investigations. And The Royal Family Should Find A Way To Get Rid Of This Character Before It Consumes Them All.


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