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How Ndigbo Can Achieve Presidency – Ogirishi



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Chief Rommy Ezeonwuka being feathered

Last Sunday, the Ogirishi of Igbo land Chief Rommy Ezeonwuka played host to former Government of Abia state and founder Njiko Igbo Movement Dr Orji Uzor Kalu at the Rojenny Tourist and Games Village Oba during which the Ogilishi fielded questions to our correspondent on issues about Ndigbo and the nation.


Flood is the issue of the moment, and the situation is overwhelming, I don’t know what you have to say about it?

The flood is a blessing in disguise. I learnt it happened about 40 year ago after which the Igbos got politically divided and lost Igbo Unity till date. Now the flood is back, this time it is going to take away disunity among Ndigbo and unite us for the first time again in 40 years. What I’m saying is that the first flood disorganized us, this one is going to reorganized us and pave way for us to come together again as a people under one umbrella. The flood this time is assigned to unite Ndigbo.

The flood in most places like Ogbaru, Anambra East and West, is devastating, why should Ndigbo past through such a devastating situation before coming together, if the flood is a sign of unity as you said?

Good things don’t come easily, and those who pay the price, who sacrifice one thing or the other for the purpose of good thing don’t regret doing so. The people of Anambra North Zone and other parts of the Igbo who are affected by the flood should see their present suffering as a sacrifice for Igbo unity and as Ogirishi Igbo, i can assure you that they will blossom and flow in development and progress after the flood.

You hosted former Governor Orji Uzor Kalu, what was the discussion like?

He came with a very interesting topic about Igbo unity telling me that he is championing the cause of Igbo unity under what he called Njiko Igbo project.

For now no other project is as import and imperative as the project to unite Ndigbo and make the people speak with one voice politically and other wise. Orji has a very good vision and I have accepted to play my role for the realization of the vision. Enough of disunity among the Igbos it time for us to unite and say this is what we want and every body must be subject to it.

In view of 2015 some say it is the turn of the Igbo to produce president, others have already began to drum support for Jonathan?

….Cut’s in

That’s why we have to come together and talk. That’s why we have to unite and speak with one voice.

Some people are saying that Unity or not Igbos cannot get presidency because they are minority?

That is the view of myopic idiots who are ever ready to sell their birth right for a pot of food like Esau. Ndigbo command a good population in all the cities and villages across Nigeria and some body is talking rubbish. My worry is that we have to come together and decide what to do about our situation in Nigeria, if we can do that every other thing is possible including Igbo presidency. Mark my words.

On a more serious note how do you think that Igbo presidency can be achieved considering the interest of the south south and the North?

I have the formula and that formula is the only possible way towards realizing it. Some people say it can be achieved by miracle but I don’t believe in that miracle of a thing. The formula is how we can achieve Igbo presidency.

Not too long ago you raised the issue of according the burial rites to Biafran fallen heroes, How far about it?

Yes, I did and people massively supported it but the death of Ojukwu affected the arrangements we made so we have to adjust. Good enough now that we are talking about Igbo unity, I believe the Igbo unity movement will not just buy into it but also take it as one of the responsibilities of higher importance that we have to execute for the good of the Igbo race.

How far on the project of Ogirishi culture resolution centre?

It is near completion and very soon

It is going to be commissioned.

At what rate would say that the Igbos is supporting you as Ogirishi Igbo?

The support is growing but they are yet to buy into it in terms of aids. As an institution introduced to lift Ndigbo, Ogirishi need to be aided with certain facilities and materials for effectiveness. The Resolution Center is consuming a lot of money and it has to be equipped with internet facilities, communication gadgets and full time personnel who would be on salary to be able to take care of the centre as place of Igbo activities. This is the challenges of Ogirishi at the moment and I hope Ndigbo will come to the aid sooner a later

You were among those honoured recently by Gov. Peter Obi with the award of Pillar of Sports in Anambra state, what does the award mean to you?

I feel honoured with the award and I appreciate the governor’s effort to improve sport in Anambra state

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