Sambo 2015? Gov. Yakowa’s N1.32billion Gift to NASS Members



Vice President, Namadi Sambo

The unsettling political climate within the power center of the ruling party, the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] appears unraveling old cemented relationships within the top players in the PDP presidential mechanizations against 2015. Information available to through sources knowledgeable of the activities within the Kaduna State government house indicates that the Kaduna State government may have disbursed over N1.32billion as ‘patronage’ to National Assembly Members representing constituencies within Kaduna State – an amount believed reserved for the presidential run of Namadi Sambo in 2015.

According to the information received, the Kaduna State governor, following his accession to the seat of Governor in September of 2010 – as a result of the then governor of Kaduna State [Namadi Sambo] selection as vice president to Goodluck Jonathan – agreements were reached between the incoming governor, the outgoing governor and the President –against the general elections of April/May 2012 and the general elections of 2015. The details of the agreement is not clear to but an authoritative source close to Hon Godfrey Ali Gaiya [PDP – representing Zango Katas/Jaba federal constituency] revealed that part of the agreement reached between the parties included Governor Yakowa’s monthly disbursement of N110million to the nineteen [19] National Assembly members representing constituencies in Kaduna State.

The source reveals that the honorable member representing Zango Katas/Jaba federal constituency, Godfrey Ali Gaiyawho who serves as the house committee chairman on Sports – also acts as the trusted ‘eye’ for the governor of Kaduna State at the NASS – and as a mole to distributed the N110million monthly gift to the other members of the NASS. “Yakowa gives the money to Gaiyato share the NASS members from Kaduna” said the source who also added that “the money is taken to NASS in Abuja and shared.” It was further revealed that N10million is given to each of the three senators from Kaduna State [Senator Makarfi, Senator Saleh and Senator Usman] while the remainder of N80million is shared by the 16 house of representative members at N5million each. The monies are shared monthly – and have been shared since 2011 when Yakowa was announced the winner of the gubernatorial election in 2011 – equivalent to a summative total of over N1.32billion.

Interestingly, the governor’s monthly gift to the NASS members comes on the heels of austere financial measures undertaken by the governor in sacking of 500 teachers from the Kaduna workforce – retrenchment of workers at the various local government areas – inability to implement the N18,000 minimum wage. This is in addition to the servicing of the huge dept profile left behind by the former governor, Namadi Sambo.

A credible but unverified source privy to the details of the agreement reached between Yakowa, Sambo and President Jonathan indicate that the monthly disbursements supposedly shared to the NASS were in fact monies reserved for the eventual presidential run of Vice President Namadi Sambo in 2015.


  1. God forbid! Nigerians would no longer tolerate any attempt by the Poverty Development Party (PDP) to appoint another President. This time around the street protest by the masses will take a new dimention if our mandate is jeopardized. ”2015 BUHARI is our Choice”.

  2. I tagged this report a ruse and baseless. How could President Jonathan agree on a deal that would see him ejected from power easily after 2015? Even if the agreement is found to be true, it sounds childish and incoherent. A mere agreement afterall is not a “covenant” where one must not break. Agreements a broken and nothing can hold sway. This is an early morning campaign to malign the person of Gov Yakowa who is steering the affairs of Kaduna State in a more formidable way. Makarfi will not stoop so low to collect bribe that does not add anything to him from Yakowa who was at a time his deputy. Usman who represents southern Kaduna Senatorial district would not condescend to collecting bribe that would jeopardise her future political career. She is too big for that. In fact, this report is provocative and would be treated as such.


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