PRESS RELEASE: I have forgiven those armed robbers who attacked me – Chief Rommy Amandi Ezeonwuka


I Chief Rommy Amandi Ezeonwuka, the Ogirishi –Igbo The deputy of Igbo leadership, have called this press conference to let the world know that I have forgiven those armed robbers who attacked me on Saturday night 21st July 2012. I have all my life worked for the betterment of how Igbo youths can find solace in the society. I have invented formulae that if applied and harnessed by authorities our society shall be better than any other society in the rest of the world. I  have  initiated  non killing of armed robbers but to rehabilitate them, I have proposed burial of war heroes to enable wondering spirits of our war time dead Biafra soldiers rest in peace, I have proposed to the  authorities to introduce skill acquisition education instead of non productive theoretical education.


I have counseled and convinced Igbo youths to work with law enforcement agents to smoke out armed robbers and kidnappers hand them over to police. I have invested all my fortune in Igbo land without  one plot of land outside Igbo kingdom and all my investment are selflessness ventures, I have nurtured great footballers that are making waves overseas from the famous Rojenny international stadium,  I am the first Igbo man to travel to Taiwan 1976 and designed Motor cycles spare parts.


I am the 1st youngest Igbo man to employ over 500 workers in Ranent Industries company limited in Oba manufacturing various products which include Fiber glass Tank,tootpicks, at the age of 19 years. I am the 1st youngest Igbo man to acquire and open up Farming project in Anaku Ayamelum LGA when I was 20 years.I am the 1st African man to build one of the largest International Stadium in Nigeria that hosted seven continental matches Between Udoji  Jasper united clubs with seven African countries including Egypt. I am the most honest Igbo man that has contributed the investment that touches the heart of youths without assistance or benefit from any Government.


It will remain a surprise to many stake holders of Igbo kingdom that armed robbers shall have the gut to attack me Ogirishi mara mma na Igbo? I am not interested to prosecute anyone connected to the attack on me and I don’t want anyone to use me to excel in their selfish interest. We Igbos are one family, we must love one another, we must forgive ourselves to enable God forgive us. We must atone for the sins of innocent people killed just like that.


I am therefore alerting the government to do something fast to the youths who are jobless; Chief Ezeonwuka promise that Under the Ogirishi foundation I must continue to emancipate the youths of Igbo kingdom, Show them the way, invents the formula for being productive.  Let me warn that Government must plan about the looming population explosion that will visit us the next 15 years. They must plan rehabilitation centers for drug addicted youths who are on the increase now without control; they must build more prison yards to cage the criminals that will soon take over the land because of lack of jobs. The idea of killing criminals shall never help us  because the more you kill armed robbers the more the spirit in them multiplies and comes back to unleash terror to the society because spirit never dies.


Chief Rommy Ezeonwuka

Ogirishi- Igbo



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