Press Release on the Posting of Igbo/Christian Graduates to the North by NYSC‏


We have received confirmation that thousands of Igbo youths and other Southern Christians were mobilized by National Youth Service Corps for primary assignments in the conflict endemic areas of Northern Nigeria.

We hereby state as follows:

1. It is heartless and insensitive to post Igbo and christian graduates to the North in disregard of the current security situation.

2. We will hold the President and NYSC DG responsible for any of them that loses his/her life to Boko Haram and religious extremists.

3. The government must immediately re-deploy them to safer areas of the country or suspend the entire NYSC scheme. We are still mourning 11 corpers killed in April (2011) as a result of the post election crisis in Northern Nigeria as well as others that have lost their lives to the current upheaval in Yobe, Kaduna, Kano, Jos, Maiduguri, Gombe and other Northern states.

4. We use this opportunity to remind the government and the NYSC that it is barely a year since we lost many youth corpers of southern Nigerian extraction to the senseless carnage in most parts of northern Nigeria. Sending more of our youths into the same dungeon is not only callous but highly insensitive to the esteemed value we place on our children many of whom have already been sacrificed to the Nigerian debacle. Thus we ask, how many more lives of our children must we sacrifice for the oneness of Nigeria?

5. We hereby put the Federal Government and NYSC on notice that we will not hesitate to use every resources available to us to bring them to account if any Igbo graduate is put in harms way in the North.

6. All Igbo graduates posted to the North are advised to boycott the service and forward their posting details to us through this email;

6. Any Igbo graduate who boycotts his posting to the north must be issued exemption letter by the NYSC on or before 10th of July 2012.

7. We wish to remind President Jonathan of the enormous sacrifices, in blood, that Igbos have made to bring about and sustain his presidency. Our reward cannot be for him to conspire with those wishing to wipe off our educational advantage. We will view his silence in this matter as an act of hostility against Ndigbo.

8. We are by a copy of this letter to relevant international agencies putting them on notice about this new dimension of Igbo cleansing in Nigeria.

God Bless Igboville
God Bless Ndigbo
God Bless Nigeria

Signed For ONF/Igboville

Barr Emeka Maduewesi

Barr Victor Aguku
Senior Executive, Corporate Development and Legal Officer

Dr Gaius Ndukwe Onu
Secretary General


  1. Seems to me that our Govt is intentionally keeping mute over the spate of these senseless killing. Its as if all is well when we know that they are not. I’ll always borrow Ojukwu’s statement in issues like this, “if the price of being a nation is regular blood-letting, then let us not be a nation”. We & them are not the same & as far as am concerned they are a different specie from we human. I like how you sounded the bote of warning & anytime it has reached to arm ourselves, contact me via my mail. Enough is enough!

  2. They must not go! If it means they cannot get a job without an NYSC certificate, so be it. They can stay in the east and southwest and get themselves into business. They have already graduated from universities, and these institutions have the records to prove it.

    No easterner/christian should get him/herself killed in the name of national service; if you do, I will not weep for them.

    You do not carry wine to a place where there are no ceremonies.If my northerm brothers do not like my comments, they can work harder to stop the mass killing of Igbos/christians in the north

  3. Any Ibo youth corper posted there should reject the posting.The animals there dont deserve the service and they should vice versa not send any of their people to the East to spread their otiose and anachronistic ideology in the South East.Let them practice their education is a sin philosophy in their North afterall they will soon join Chad their brothers,Ibos have nothing in common with them

  4. But one believes that an Igboman is the new director of NYSC. Like some Igbo people do in other to be taken serious by the Arewa, this Igbo Director of NYSC may want to demonstrate that he is for one Nigeria even more than the Arewas who want one Nigeria at all costs.

    And when the so called Igboville prayed for God’s blessing for Nigeria, why then is it petitioning against sending some people to some parts of that same Nigeria it is praying for. Bundle of contradictions, hypocrisy?

  5. The Igbos have made enough sacrifice in this country called Nigeria and it is time to tell the world that we cannot continue to bear it any more. Why should the graduates from the South East be posted to the Northern states for their NYSC when the Southerners there are fleeing for their dear life. No South East graduate should accept posting to Northern Nigeria.


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