Jos Crisis: Nigerian Senator, Senator Gyang Dantong Shot dead, 3 other Legislators in Critical Condition


By Abang Mercy

Reports reaching us says, Senator Gyang Dantong representing (Plateau North, PDP) and honorable Gyang Fulani (Member house of assembly) representing Barkin Ladi of Plateau State have both been shot dead by suspected fulani gunmen.

The majority leader of the Plateau State house of Assembly Gyang Fulani was also murdered today during a mass burial for scores of people killed yesterday by unknown gunmen.

The third person Simon Mwadkwon who is a member of the house of representatives was critically injured during the attack.

Senator Gyang until his death was Chairman, Senate Committee on Health and also a member senate committee on Aviation.

Previously elected into office; honourable member, house of representatives in the 5th (2003-2007) Assembly

Senator Gyang Dantong

The late Senator Dantong was previously the Medical Director, at the Vom Christian Hospital Jos.

He was the Distinguished Senator of the 6th (2007 -2011) Assembly.

He studied at the University Of Jos; and the University of Ghana Legon.

Abraham Yiljap, the state’s Commissioner of Information, confirmed the assassination in a statement.

It would be recalled that Twenty people were killed while several houses got burnt when nine villages in Riyom and Barkin Ladi local government areas of Plateau state were attacked on Saturday morning by suspected Fulani herdsmen.



From Weekly Trust

Senator Gyang Dalyop Datong (Plateau North, PDP) has been shot dead by gunmen while attending a mass burial ceremony today for victims of another attack in his senatorial district. Datong was until his death, the Chairman, Senate Committee on Health.

Also said to be among those affected was Hon. Gyang Fulani, the Chief Whip of the Plateau state House of Assembly. Hon. Fulani was representing Barkin Ladi constituency. An unknown number of people were killed when the gunmen launched their attack, shooting indiscriminately.

A statement from the Plateau state commissioner of Information, Abraham Yiljap confirmed the killings.

Today’s attack took place sometime after 2pm at the venue of the mass burial of some newly discovered dead victims who were found slain in a church in an attack that had gone by unreported and presumed to have taken place yesterday. Over 37 people – villagers, aggressors and STF personnel – were reported killed in Barkin Ladi at the weekend in a new cycle of violence between Fulani herdsmen and Berom tribesmen who co-habit the two local government areas. Over 9 villages were attacked by people believed to be Fulani in the raids on Saturday. Barkin Ladi is about 25 kilometres from the state’s capital, Jos. Datong won his first election in to the Senate in 2007 and was re-elected in 2011. He was previously a member of the Federal House of Representatives representing Barkin Ladi/Riyom federal constituencies.

Also speaking on the incident in a telephone chat with Daily Trust, the chairman of the Senate Committee on Rules and Business, Senator Ita Solomon Enang (PDP, Akwa Ibom North-East) said, “This is very painful, and it points to no direction for our country. But if it points to any direction at all, it is that of hopelessness”.


  1. This is too much for us to bear. A Senator and a Legislature. No, is it a crime to be a Plateau Man? This is a Complete act of Inhumanity to Humanity. The fed.govt. Must do something and fast before the whole world laughts at Nigeria. It is Shocking and Unbelievable. (RIP).

  2. O! Our dear Senator, i’ll live to remember your kind gesture towards me and my coleque during our service year at School of Nursing and Midwifery, Vom. May your gentle soul find solace in the bosom of the lord. To the culprit, the true wrath of God will certainly befall you. RIP.

  3. This is just the begining until you see gej head kill them all and go ahead and establish islamic republic of arewa. Dont betray danpodio i hate you and your oil southerners

    • Are u mad? The world problem was created by Abraham who impregnated his slave and gave birth to ishmel( Ismail) . This led to the birth the evil prophet .may hell be unto his soul. Islam is an evil religion, until God wipe them away from this world, there will always be problem. I think islam is the 666 in revelation: they want u to have the mark of beast. God will deliver us Amen

  4. y all this?..wat pleasure do u gain in killin us?”@ d hypocrites”..well God will surely purnish each idiot that supports these people one way or the other..sen.dantong.RIP..ur effort will never be forgotten..hmmm this is getting too much..we cant fold our hands n let this continue lord help us…

  5. dis is nt a shok 2 me anymore 4 we d ones dat are nt plateau are also killed mercilessly. I as a christian, may God 4 giv me if i am acusin wrongly but i in me i’m sure dat i’m sayin d truth, dat, d bokoharam and d hausas are suppose 2 b wiped out of nigeria and earth. President of nigeria i’m sory 2 say dat, ‘ARE AFRAID OF BRINGING DIS CULPRITS 2 BOOK AND JUSTICE’. Pls do smtin b4 d pple put laws in2 thier hands. God hlp us. Sir, Dangton a REST WIT D LORD AMEN. Daddy we wil miss u on d plateau.

  6. i am nt a bad, rude or murderous being but, wit d way tins are goin i tink we on d plateau, infact nigeria as a whole shud practice wot d americans are doin by havin a personal gun once u are 18 but 4 nigeria i wil say 22. I believe dis wil hlp. Especialy wen attacked cos most of dis pple dat are attacked are weaponles. Just imagine som1 attacked u wit a gun which only its sound scares d soldiers who are sent 2 make sure u are save and u inturn d one attacked is holding a cutlas. Wots a cutlass compared 2 a gun dat can scare a soldier? Pls Mr President pls tink of dis and i wil tel u how dis wil go on witout curuption. Any Nigerian dat agree wit dis shud hlp me in making dis sugestion reasonable. I rest my case.

  7. Senator Gyang I’ll miss you and the entire members of senate committee on health will do. May your soul rest in peace.

  8. @Arnan Banza,you are stupid and senseless there will never be any islamic republic in Nigeria,instead of that to happen all of us will perish. Idiot son of a cattle rearer,what else will you say or contribute but arrant nonsense.

  9. Nigeria can not be islamatise in this way. Atleased let ur characters speak 4 u, an that can only be a yarstic 4 conversion. I can’t be cnverted at a gun point. God Almighty hav reasons on why he created us 2 leav 2gether, an christianity is not preachin violents what about the islam?

  10. I think i agree with what “Hardness” said, since the FG is shying away from its responsibility of protecting lifes and properties of NIGERIAN’S due to cowardliness, then they must allow the people protect theirself.

  11. When wil all these cowardice attitude stop in nigeria,we need intermatinal assistance 4 all these to stop.senator may ur gentle soul rest in peace,to us nigerians always bear in mind dat whatever u sow,is what ur going to reap[law of karma].

  12. Quran has encourage them to kill us brutally. But i assure you that the word of God concerning us will not go back to him void until it fulfils it purpose for which it was sent to us.


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