Curfew Imposed on Barkin Ladi, Jos North and Others

Victim of Jos Violence

Following the mass killings in Barkin Ladi and the attacks by Fulani herdsmen, the governor of Plateau State, Gov Jona Jang, in reaction has imposed a curfew across four [4] local government areas [LGA[. The LGA are said to include Barkin Ladi, Jos North and two other LGAs.

The curfew was placed to cover 7pm to 7am, dusk till dawn.

All movements into and out of the four LGAs have been closed. Travellers are forced to settle in the nearby villages till the morning.

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  1. Since christians are now animals and the muslims ar the butchers.may God have mercy on them. But they should remember that God who sees in secret will pay them in their coin

  2. my heart is bleeding…..wat is really goin on in this country? where are we heading with all this violence and wickedness? why has the heart of man become so wicked,killing his fellow man like animals? and all for wat? political power…money…land? this little girl lying dead on the floor,brutally murdered and massacred…wat does she know or care about any of that? yet she lies dead….never to wake anymore. God…wont u arise and judge ur people?

  3. This is heart wrenching, men! How could humans have done this? What is behind this level of animosity in the Plateau?

  4. Is dis d end tym or is it jst wickedness n heartlessness?wat is happenin nw in dis nigeria is beyond human xpectatn.only God cn intervain n put an end to dis.imagine,killing dat does,nt even knw wat is goin on in d country.oh God help us n here our cry.c


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