Ex Kogi Governor, Ibrahim Idris Takes Wife Number 13


Information available to 247ureports.com through sources at the government house in Kogi State reveal that the former two-term Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] governor of Kogi State, Alhaji Ibrahim Idris took his 13th wife on March 29, 2012 in a secret wedding held at the Kogi State government house.

Former governor Idris is aged 78 years old and his new wife is aged 27 years old.

According to the information gathered, the wedding Fathia [prayer] took place in the mosque at  the Laggard [Government] House – and the reception took place at the same venue.  The secret event attracted important personalities in the state including members of Idris’ cabinet, and the present governor, Captain Idris Wada.

The bribe’s name was given simply as Ramotu. She hails from Okene.  Her parents reside at Lokoja while Ramotu resides in Abuja with one of her elder sisters. She posses an O’Level school leaving certificate. Prior to her meeting the former governor,  she earned a living through hawking of ‘senegalese’ cloths at the Presidential villa.

As the news of Ex Governor Idris’ new marriage initially filtered into the Kogi community, it was thought that he had taken his longtime girl friend, an Ebira girl by the name, Zainab Ajanah, a relation of the present Chief Judge of the State who had put to bed for the ex-governor six months ago.

Zainab is a staff of Zenith Bank, Lokoja. Idris had promised to marry her, and the wedding was tentatively scheduled to take place – but the Supreme Court ruling which handed down its judgement on tenure elongation matter abruptly ending his administration – and thus fueling fracas between between the former governor and the Chief Judge – because the Chief Judge of Kogi state had bluntly refused to grant the request of Ex Governor Ibrahim Idris to swear in Wada Idris against an existing and legitimate directive of the Attorney General of Nigeria to swear in the Speaker, State House of Assembly as Acting governor. This fracas is ended the promise of marriage by Idris to the relation of the Chief Judge.

Meanwhile cursory investigation has uncovered more shocking anomalies within the Idris family.

Information available to 247ureports.com indicates that the first wife of the former governor may have been murdered in the struggle to remain the head wife of the family. As gathered, Alhaji Ibrahim Idris’ supposed first son, Mohammed, who ran his father’s Ibro Holdings and Ibro Hotels in Abuja before heading to the House of Representatives, was indeed not his first son. And neither is Her Excellency, Hajia Zainab the first wife.  Inquires show that the first wife was Hajia Amina, a Kaduna State born woman.

Hajia Amina gave birth to a son called Abubakar Idris – before she died. Available information indicates that the Kaduna born Amina had to run back to Kaduna State in 2004 following the aborted contest over who will become the First Lady of Kogi State after Ibrahim Idris won the governorship election in 2003.

Insiders allege that all entreaties on Hajia Zainab and her children to allow Gov.Idris’ first wife enjoy the first four years as First Lady fell on deaf ears and as the woman sensed a very sinister plot on her life,she dumped the quest to be First Lady and ran out of Kogi State completely. She died mysteriously 6months later.

Nonetheless, the marriage event has begun to raise questions within quarters in the Kogi intelligentia. Questions over why the marriage event was held at the government house remain unanswered by the Governor’s people. It is recalled that the former governor was ousted following a Supreme Court ruling that tossed him out of the governor’s office. It is also recalled that the abrupt end to former governor Idris’ tenure led to a controversial swearing-in of the present governor by a customary court Judge – upon the instruction of ex governor Idris – against the orders given by the attorney general of the federation instructing that the State Chief Judge swear-in the Speaker of the State Assembly.

Informed observers believe that ex governor Idris determined efforts to install his in-law, Capt Wada as the Governor of Kogi anchors on the former governor’s desire to remain the de-factor governor of the State. The recent State House wedding points to this reality.




  1. At least, there is one thing he can claim to be good at, since good governance was an impossibility for him.

    Congratulations on your marriage to girls your granddaughter’s age!!

    Yeye man

  2. Congratulation to Alhaji Ibrahim Idris and may he continue to do the right thing and share his wealth around. We are hoping to get a daughter soon from this union to add to our own collection. Anyone wen no happy make dem change to man or get dem own money. Na only those wen no get the ability dey complain. Alhaji Ibrahim Idris carry go and more grease to ur elbow and 3rd leg

  3. Chei dis man don finally marry my ex-babe? Anyways I dont blame him because the girl mama “strong” well well..besides her kini get water and was extraordinary oily! It almost made me lose focus and abandon my quest for a masters in the UK. The girl was 20 but far older beyond her age. Thanks today im a proud holder of a PHD and working with almighty G***le!

    • hmmm see how children fetch insult to their parentss?? i knew dis girls family very well, her name is vicky and her mom a devout deeper life,,,how dis kain tin take happen na e i dey wonder for here so…..

  4. Dear sir,

    Does it matter if Alhaji Ibrahim Idris married the 13th wife? Why is the press sounding as if the ‘number’ is more than necessary?

    This man is the only man who served in Nigeria as governor for 9 years, he has got what he wants and can feed 100 people daily for years and above all, it shows he can still ‘perform’. Why is the people worry?

    Some one said, why did the wedding take place in Govt House? What type of silly and nonsense question? If Ibro had wedded in Abuja, they will think otherwise: if it were in his village, they will say he is no longer free in Lokoja. Or where they expecting him to wed at the Confluence Beach where every Dick, Tom and Jerry now lodges with their ‘ashawos’.

    Let’s reserve som comments and still hold onto some respect for the ex-governor and his new wife.

    I rest my case.

    David Alfred Dogwo

  5. He just bought a car to be driven by others! Look at the man, he is expired! I wish the brides family a happy share in the dividends of democracy!

  6. some comment negate the fact the writers are indeed elite, are we now celebrating mediocrity and indiscipline, so many are yet to feed well in that state, many of the indigines spread among northener states,only things dt the exs can say to his loyalist is to marry 13th wife.this totally absurd,uncalled for, annoying and utterly callous of him.


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