Police Helicopter Shotdown In Jos, DIG Missing


Information reaching 247ureports.com indicate that a police helicopter may have been shotdown in Jos – as it flew from Abuja to Jos.

According to the information gathered, the helicopter was carrying the new DIG of Operations, John Haruna to Jos on an official duty relating to the suspected Boko Haram activity in the Jos metropolitan area.

DIG John Haruna was just promoted to the rank of DIG only 2 weeks ago.

The status of John Haruna is not know at the moment. The status of other occupants of the helicopter are not known.

The police headquarters in Abuja, when contacted did not respond officially -but a source confirmed the incident but noted that it was called a crash. He stated that it is unlikely that the copter was shotdown. But eyewitnesses indicated otherwise.

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  1. Police chopper is dropping from our skies all i know going oN in aBUJA is FASHION PARADE, VENUE = presidential villa. Model= police acting I. G. Costume=new police camouflage. Chief judge= Goodluck E. Jonathan. What a show of SHAME. WAKE UP GEJ, WAKE UP

  2. This is really unfortunate, are we really winning or loosing the war against terrorism. Is fate against us too or some kind of sabotage? what is it that is wrong somewhere?. GEJ, my dear president and all Nigerians, we need to evaluate our past. A man that just got elevated about two weeks ago in a manner still under controversy is gone carrying out his first major assignment against terrorism. We need to reflect a little LEST THE GRASSES WE ARE BUSSY CLEARING AT THE FRONT MAY BE GROWING RAPPIDLY BEHIND OUR BACK.

  3. Ikenna, do not sensationalize this tragedy more by believing that the helicopter was shot down when it could have been caused by a number of other factors. Please tone down the banner headline. Let the security deal with this very unfortunate crash that claimed lives.

  4. Pls don’t insult FFK. He is eleitntd to his opinion or advise, whichever. Let us be civil in expressing our opinions. The strike may be over, but we have driven home our feelings & humble thots to GEJ& co. we don’t have politics in Nigeria, all we have is sabotage & subversion. Self centered leaders who are totally desentized from the people they are supposedly serving. Shame on them. Now, i believe they know that times & thinking of Nigerians have changed. We the youths can & will no longer tolerate their robberies and incompetence any longer. Let them sit up and do the right thing for the masses. They are all just getting it , that they are sitting on a keg of gun powder.My only pain is that the poor masses will always have to bear the brunts of their wrong decisions. Now the prices of goods & services that have shot up astronomically with the old fuel price may not come down. Poor poor masses.even if they pay the new minimum wage now, it is worse than before, becos this wage increase is not comparative with the 50% in fuel price. but what can we do? Let our past & present looters not think they have escaped, becos their payback day will come sooner than they expect. Revolution is a gradual process. We have just started. Let us continue to occupy in our minds, be prepared. you may never know. God bless Nigeria, God bless my fellow compatriots.

    • Yes we as a Nigeria we have be on alert, by giving ifotrmaoinn 2 the security men Mr. President we know that you are trying the best you can 2 bring back the joy of this country back. God will bless and safeguard you, its just that this boko haram of a thing, you would know who is boko haram and who is not boko haram even people who eat and laugh with you they are boko haram which you might not know, that is just the problem’s I pray that Nigeria will come to it normal shape one day


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