Easter with House Spinster (a poem)


By Izunna Okafor

Seductively, they glance at each other
with smiles seasonally defined
Amidst celebration in the bed of rose.

Gently they pull their panties, & preach to one another amidst copulation
None is Godly alarmed, and the reason for the season ruefully undermined
Where then lies the climax? as ejaculation overtakes redemption.

Who will save the saving Jesus lonely outstretched on the cross?
Works already ongoing on the second grave
Christ Himself has run drought of blood.

How can this immoral game be refereed?
The spinster is much in need of it
Gently, lovely, lowly she plays her wing
Who can suspend this salacious match?

Time is here at hand, when Christ Himself shall arise with whistle
Showing the end of the match,
and making selection for the next league
Being the reason for the season.



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