Massacre Looms: Tiv Community On The Run As Fulani Community Readies Revenge


Information available to obtained from competent sources within the border communities of Benue/Nasarawa Sates indicates the immediate community comprising of Tiv tribe have begun a massive evacuation from the area into the hinterlands of Benue State out of the fear of Fulani herdsmen attack.

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The renewed fear within the general communities of people living in and around the Nasarawa/Benue border – particularly the Tiv community who have found themselves at an unpronounced war with the Fulani herdsmen community – is reported to worsen following the killing of over fifty [50] Fulani herdsmen at the Ekye Development Area of Nasarawa State owing to what is believed to have been an air strike via a drone attack in the early morning hours of January 25, 2023.

Early reports that followed the attack of January 25, 2023 indicated that the drone and/or airstrike originated out of Benue State. The Nigeria air force was originally thought to have conducted the strike but the Nigeria air force have not indicated that the strike was conducted by them. And so, the suspicions from the Fulani community sternly points to foul play, believing the airstrike may have not been the handiwork of the Nigeria air force. One of the members of the community revealed that many of the Fulani herders believe that attack came from the Tiv community – who had access to advanced military gadgets.

Herders massacred in Nasarawa airstrike

Adding gravitas to already fermenting stench is the Governor of Nasarawa State who have indicated that the Fulani herders were innocent. He made the statement shortly after setting up a panel to investigate the killing. The rumor within the Fulani community is that the attack was sponsored and/or ordered by the Governor of Benue State.

The source added that the young herders that were killed in the airstrike were the infamous killer Fulani militia. He claims that “those ones were the ones that have been killing our people. They are killers. They have been kidnapping and killing and raping our daughters and wives. It was good they were killed. We don’t feel sorry for them at all. We wish the military will weep the rest of them out. The remaining ones are planning have to revenge the killing but they are not going after the Nigerian military. They want to massacre all of my people. If you come to my community you will not see anybody there. They have all left, the men, the women and the children.”

Lamenting, leaders from the Doma community including the Agatu [Doma South], Tiv [Doma South] and Alago [Doma North] tribes indicate that they were the most affected whenever there is an attack by the Fulanis. Particularly, the Tivs, who are mainly farmers, are reported to receive the larger brunt of the killings. They cited the Governor of Nasarawa State, Engineer Sule, as being unfair and bias. “He has sympathy for the Fulanis” and because of the Governor’s utterances, the Fulanis feel emboldened to continue with their deadly attacks.

On the Benue State side of the border, was told that Benue State funded patrol teams are visibly seen enforcing the anti-grazing law. Other security agencies are seen patrolling the area. Benue State, owing to their previous experience with marauding Fulani militia, have taken the anti-grazing enforcement seriously. However, on the Nasarawa State side of the border, “there is nothing”, its porous and unguarded. For this reason, “Fulani young men take the Nasarawa side of the border as camping ground”.

Another area cited as habitat for Fulani militia is a community called Tunga located in Awe LGA in Nasarawa South district. Tunga is largely populated by the Hausa tribe from Katsina State. According to our sources, the militia are welcomed and given comfort by the residents of Tunga. Typically, they would travel to Tunga during wet season to have their cattle graze of farmlands in the area.  During the dry season, they would relocate to Kwatan Angulu area to graze by the farmlands located at the River Niger side of Nasarawa state.




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