Fuel Price: Activist Protest Price Increase Calls For Govt Intervention


Human Rights Activist, Nnamdi Iwuala, on Friday, staged a protest in front of the Government House, Owerri, Imo State, over the exorbitant price of petrol by marketers in the State.

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Iwuala, who is the founder of Genius Eyes International Foundation for the Hopeless, told journalists that the fuel price hike had caused untold hardship on the economy of the State and its people.

He called on the State government to intervene and order the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR)  in the State to compel fuel station owners to start selling at the government-approved pump price.

He said it is unfortunate that a litre of fuel sells for between #350 and N400 and the authorities have not done anything to address the situation.

Iwuala said, “How is it that other States sell almost the approved pump price but no private station sells at that price in Imo? Within one month, prices in Imo have skyrocketed to the heavens, leaving many families unable to feed. How long can people be reduced to beggars just to feed because their income has suddenly become almost useless?

The price of petrol has seen a sharp increase Since December 2022. Fuel stations in Owerri metropolis sell  for between N350 and N400 per litre and its even worse in the rural areas where the product is sold for #400 and above.



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