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The aftermath of the Gadabul flood in Maiduguri, Borno state – By Hanatu Nuhu



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Since the incident of the Gadabul flood that happened due to the open release of the chad dam that caused a major mayhem in the hearts and environment of the people of Maiduguri. The water due to its huge force and indirectly flow due to lack of proper channels for it to flow caused a lot of damage to the environment at large.

Even with the high amount of deaths that was recorded in the state due to this flood in the environment, rural areas were inaccessible to the extent that the locals have to fall back to the use of boats and canoes to cross major roads in crucial areas like from Post office, Maduganari, Dala and Klolori areas of Maiduguri, Borno state.

The people recorded a huge amount of dead bodies recovered at the post office which have been washed away from different areas of the state only to be caught and held by special net like irons put in place to recovered these dead bodies for easier retrieval

The long effect of this flood was that it shook the town not only physically but also health wise due to the fact that these waters brought a lot of vectors into the state which caused a lot of sickness and death in the state. There was a high record of fever, malaria, and other vector borne diseases in the hospitals of the state. It got so bad that majority of the households in Maiduguri have at least one or more persons who fell ill to this disaster.

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Aside the health wise issues caused by that flood, many lost their homes and businesses due to the unexpected flood, those whose houses were on the floods paths were destroyed or parts swept away, the effects were so obvious that if you take a walk In areas like maduganari you would see houses, fences, businesses, schools etc which has been swept away and destroyed by the Gadabul flood. You would even see Owners who tried their best to save some of these structures by erecting an artificial barrier for the water by filling sacks with sand to protect the base of the walls and fences of the house so as to protect it from those strong currents.

The flood really came unexpected as it was obvious the people were not prepared for it as it came and wreaked havoc on the citizens of Maiduguri, now that the trying times is over and the flood is drying up gradually it has left the people of Maiduguri with another problem to face which is the erosion it has caused, as the nature of Maiduguri soil is really sandy it was swept away with ease by the flood and has left massive holes and ditches on roads people use on daily basis.

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Now these holes would have been covered but the size of these holes won’t make the job any easier of less expensive and now this has affected the environment so badly and some people are not even helping the matter as they have turned most of these holes and ditches to dumping sites forgetting that it was close to their homes and it could increase the rate of vectors and disease causing insects and animals into these homes.

The government has tried its best to help in the curbing of this flood, but there still people who are left homeless and to those who lost parts of their house can be assisted by the government by disbursing funds or materials for helping in rehabilitating these destroyed homes and businesses.

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