Group refutes the kidnapping report of a Nigerian woman in Gabon


By Sunday Ikuesan

The world Igbo congress, a socio-cultural group in Gabon has refuted the claims that a Nigerian Woman named Mrs Njoku Edmund Uzoma was held hostage by Consular Officer of Nigeria Embassy Libreville Gabon Mr Godwin Ogbole Okolobo.

The group hinted that their rejoinder followed a news story by an online newspaper that the Gabon Ambassador held hostage a Nigerian woman in an undisclosed location. The group averted that nothing of that nature ever happened as every allegations were an absolute imagination of the writer.

‘’Mr Njoku Njoku Edmund Uzoma the husband of the lady (Cynthia) alleged  to have been taken hostage by the Consular officer is from Ezinihitte Mbaise while the wife Cythia is from Orlu both in Imo State of Nigeria. It was the lady that went to Nigeria Embassy in Gabon to report that the husband is making some subtle plans to forcefully repatriate her back to Nigeria because he was having extra marital affairs. She also accused the husband of domestic violence and maltreatment’’, the group said.

The group pointed out that following her complaint, Nigerian National Union diciplinary and press committee of arbitration waded into the matter with a view to settle them. They further stressed that the uncompromising attitude of Mr Uzoma to the reconciliation committee was the main reason why they rescue themselves from the impasse and averred further that it was at this point that the matter was transferred to the Consular officer.

They buttressed that following the latest development on ground, the consular had to call on notable Igbo Elders and Chief of Imo extraction resident in Gabon to intervene into the matter too. The personalities among the invited elders and Chief were Nze Nwandulo, Elder Obed C.  Osuigwe and Mr Ezinnihitte.  The intervention of this people came to naught as the couple were not ready for settlement.

The press release read thus: ‘’ Mr Edmund Uzoma Njoku connived with some of his friends at the immigration department to bundle the lady away forcefully but during that attempt the lady (Cynthia) sustained some injuries and bruises which made her run back  to the Embassy the second time  to report that her life and safety is under threat.

She was later admitted in a clinic due to the injuries she sustain and the trauma she suffered during the melee. After her discharged from the clinic the Consular persuaded her Husband (Mr Njoka Uzoma) to settle the medical bills which he reluctantly did. When Mr Uzoma insisted on repartraiting his wife against her wish and will the Consular told him that since the marriage was contracted in Nigeria and he is no longer interested in continuing with her he should arrange on how to travel back to Nigeria with his Wife at least to hand her over back to the parent.

Therefore, Mr Uzoma said that he brought the lady to Gabon and he must send her back to Nigeria whether she likes it or not. He went to arrange with his friends and forcefully repartriate the lady  back to Nigeria without the knowledge and consent of Nigera Embassy in Gabon’’.

The group further said the lady in question is not missing neither was she at anytime declared missing or held hostage as allegedly reported in social media platform.

The alleged missing lady (Mrs Cyntha) is hale and hearty today  though traumatized she speaks to some people here from her location in Nigeria. She is currently in Orlu Imo State. For the avoidance of doubts, anybody wishing to contact her can get her contact address through nay of her brothers from Orlu living in Libreville, the group remarked.



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