How Gov Bala is setting a paradigm shift in Bauchi – By Umar Usman Duguri

When Governor Bala Mohammed took over the mantle of leadership, little did many believe he would address the menace of restiveness and Sara-suka within the shortest ample time?
Before the coming of the PDP-led government fear of attacks, snatching of money from pocket, vehicles and kidnappings, has set-off its base in the ancient city of Yakubun Bauchi. Pessimistic people began to migrate from the city to neighboring states, daily reported killings, raping of young, old and sometimes married women becomes order of the day. Year-in year-out students roaming the street searching for menial job like scavengers, jam-packing like sardined in business centers filling gimmick job applications.
Today, the deplorable lives of youths have been ameliorated from zero to the peak point. The living conditions have upgraded. First, being lover of peace and youths, Bala Mohammed hurriedly set up a think-thank committee to design a frame work modalities to restore the lost glory and the uncalled attitudes of the youths. After careful study, modalities’ and panacea was made from various interest and affected groups.
Like magic, security and peaceful committee was established to help in restoring peace and hope, security of lives and property of people statewide, each local government had youth’s representatives. Women regained freedom from the fear of raping tension, as laws were enacted to punish culprits. Special attentions were considered in choosing counselors for the abused and discriminated victims of dreaded rape. Drop out pupils returns to school while some started from 0-to another level of studies.
Fulfilling the promise of protecting the lives and properties of Bauchians, Senator Bala banning of okada commercial activities, modern tricycles was replaced with the Achaba for ease of doing business or improving business system under serene air conditioning system. No fewer than thousands are now enjoying the scheme. Skills acquisition centers were created to train different youths and women on various programs. Apart from that, agency for catering youths and women was established BACYWORD, tagged with responsibility of charting from that will positively impact on the lives of citizenry, professionals were made to head of the agency for optimum results. Not fewer than at least 100 each benefitted from various programs, some are enjoying scholarships to different school of taught.
Now sanity and peace have been restored in the society. Citizens sleep with their two eyes closed without fear of robbers or thugs. Sadiq, a resident of Bayan Airport said “in the last two years we are in tension every night, sometimes in the broad day light due to the fear of attacks or snatchers at any given moment. Since the inception of this administration of Bala Mohammed, we have never experienced any security in our locality”. “It appears the governor has magic in his hands, we daily have threat of our lives and children before”.
Added to these to this development and the national security challenges, one must attest to the fact that Governor Bala Mohammed is excellently doing well in returning Bauchi state to the path of most secured and peaceful place to stay in Nigeria. Attesting to this fact; investors are now coming to Bauchi state to invest; such as the Canadian investors, the German investor that recently distributes cart machines to the physically challenged. Water aid foundation presently inspecting and assessment of sanitation facilities in Dass, Bogoro, and Tafawa Balewa local government areas respectively as we as drilling boreholes to providing clean potable water for all headed by Mrs. Nancy , another set is same investors are constructions company etc.
Unlike in the past governor of the state globetrotted for jamboree in disguise money laundering as reported by many mediums. Seriousness and service to humanity are the major plank of Governor Bala Mohammed, a visit to Bauchi now will testify the magic wand of the government, gone are the days where restiveness and atrocities are celebrated with pride in the ancient religious city of Dr. Rilwanu Sulaimanu Adamu. Celebration of happiness, business and royalty are the motto of Bauchi state Youths.
That’s not, youths were appointed as aides in Bauchi state for the first time, such as SSA empowerment, SSA projects monitoring, SA youths means of inclusion as well as multiply positive effect in uplifting the lives. Successive government annually budgeted money for youths and sporting activities, over four decades now down the lane, little was achieved in curbing the menace or designated goals.
The famous saying that “ youths are the leaders of tomorrow”, can only be achieved if the likes of Bala Mohammed maintain the tempo of encouraging the inclusion of youths in actualizing their exuberances and potentials, harnessing of God-given wisdom in practice.
With the relative peace in Bauchi state, people are coming to Bauchi state for business. The population of the state has increased from 5million to seven million plus, the influx rate results to the upshot of development projects going-on in the state from both Plateau, Gombe, Yobe, Maiduguri, Adamawa and even northern most business state Kano respectively. Direct labors were awarded to indigenous companies and individual based on capacity and manpower available within the confine of interested beneficiary. For instance, the mass 5000 housing projects, accorded young entrepreneurs and indigenous companies including the Alind Nigeria Limited are enjoying the projects to cushion the problem of housing for the civil servants.
Vocational training centers engaged thousands of youths and women on different skills learning and productions. Some are now making soaps, Vaseline, powder, local and modern perfume. Others are tailoring, weaving, welding.
Others regained freedom from various criminal offences, turned to be good future product of the society, they embraced farming, trading of goods and petty businesses. Redefining creativity through entrepreneurship development, such as; shoe making, printing, industrial management, catering services for women, fashion beauty, and apparel and textile making and entertainment.
The massive road constructions going-on in the state, did not only beautify the state, also afforded opportunity to the teeming restive youths to participate in the process, that is, two hit with one stone.
The magic wand of Governor Bala Mohammed in governing Bauchi state is replica with that of Late president Umar Musa Yar’Adua whose leadership as Governor set a good example for his predecessors, also lift him to Nigeria’s president in one of the most peaceful election conducted in the history of Nigeria, even left a good legacy (worthy of emulation) as president; may his soul continue to rest in peace.
Governor Bala Mohammed fulfilled his campaigne promise of running an all inclusive government for the “Youths”, as such; the youths constitute equal fraction in the government of Bauchi state.


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