Nnamdi Kanu vs Simon Ekpa- IPOB Now Has Two Commanders


Written by Obinna Akukwe

The IPOB -Autopilot Crisis have reached alarming level now that I can authoritatively inform Igbo Elders that IPOB has two commanders now, Nnamdi KANU and Simon Ekpa.

If Nnamdi KANU is granted bail and talks ‘nonsense’ in Afaraukwu , Simon Ekpa will declare him a traitor, and the conflict will be taken to another level.

Simon Ekpa have tasted the ‘ Biafran Cake’ they will brook no opposition. Nobody, No Soludo, No Edozien, No Powerful, No Kalunta Can Stop Him.

The IPOB propaganda that Simon Ekpa is working for the DSS, Buhari, Fulani the normal IPOB blackmail format, does not work on Simon Ekpa and his Auto-Pilot Urchins . They are ready for DOS ,anytime, any day.

Rev Obinna Akukwe have last year advised the DOS group not to treat Simon Ekpa as an orphan’ because the Auto-Pilot Commander can create bloody trouble. As usual, the IPOB carried on with usual puffiness and arrogance, treated Ekpa with leprous disdain and the Finnish holed secessionist , not ready for further humiliation, turned against the system. Buhari, Nigerian Army and DSS has nothing to do with it. Simon Ekpa simply escalated the crisis originated by Nnamdi Kanu to another level.

Rev Obinna Akukwe asks that we elders, elites, activists ignores threats and blackmails and wade into this DOS, Auto-Pilot senseless dispute before their hidden agenda’s turn South East to Afghanistan.

( Rev Obinna Akukwe is the Director General, Igbo Mandate Congress, Vice Chairman BOT, Igbo Think Tank ITT, igbomandate@yahoo.com)



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