IPOB knocks FG on military operations in S/E


By Favour Goodness

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has condemned the launch of another special military operation code-named Golden Dawn in South East by the Nigeria Army.

Comrade Emma Powerful, IPOB’s Media and Publicity Secretary made the observation in a statement on Wednesday.

“This operation is another round of secret genocide akin to the infamous Python Dance by the Nigeria Army. This is another ploy by the military to continue their reckless killing of innocent Igbo youths just because we want to have our independence. But no matter how they try, we won’t give up our struggle for Biafra autonomy.

“We wonder why a special military operation would be launched in the South East why the same military has looked away from Kaduna, Niger and other Northern states which have become a slaughter ground by Fulani bandits and terrorists decimating Christian communites almost unchallenged.

“The level of insecurity in South East which of course was created by the same Nigeria security agencies is a far cry to the state of near anarchy in the Northern region. Why is it during special military operations that the Fulani controlled federal government remembers South East but when it has to do with infrastructure and appointments they go North?

“Our message to the operatives deployed for this wicked special operation is to make sure they don’t kill any innocent Biafran or IPOB member. If they know where the bandits created to wreck havock in the South East, let them face them. But any day they touch innocent Biafrans in South East, they will regret their action.

“They should be ashamed of themselves that even soldiers are being killed by Fulani bandits in the North but they are here declaring a special operation in a relatively peaceful region.

“They have never killed any innocent people in Northern communites where soldiers are ambushed by terrorists. While Fulani bandits openly display sophisticated military hardware most of which they confiscated from the hypocritical security agents, the military has not declared any operation to challenge them.

“Instead of going after the real terrotists making lives miserable for Nigerians, the Army is busy chasing after peaceful agitators whose only offense is waving the Biafra flag.

“The Army should hide their face in shame that while Boko Haram, Fulani bandits and other terrorists in the North are busy humiliating security operatives in the North, soldiers are moving from home to home in South East searching for innocent Biafran agitators,” Poweri said.

According to him, the whole world is in shock at what Nigeria security agents have started doing at Nnewi, the home of our eternal leader, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu.

“But we assure them that they can never kill the Biafra spirit in us. We are prepared and resolute in restoring Biafra. We cannot be deterred. Nothing will ever make us give up the struggle for Biafra. Let them get ready to launch more special military operations because Biafra agitation is a divine mandate!

“We pity South East politicians and the political elite who lack understanding of the times. They are only after their political interest in 2023. They are busy hailing the Army for this evil operation but their Northern counterparts have never for once spoken against Fulani bandits.

“While South East governors hurriedly proscribed IPOB, Northern governors are reluctant to even designate Fulani bandits and herdsmen terrorist organisations despite the fact that both groups are already recognised globally as deadly terror cells.

“All the political elite clapping for these vampires and murderers deployed to Biafra land for Golden Dawn should know that their relations could be the victims of the operation. Traditional rulers, President General of communites must be aware that these fulani people controlling Nigeria security apparatus are out to massacre their sons and daughters.

“We have always said it but some people still don’t understand that unknown gunmen were created by Hope Uzodinma of Imo State and his co traitors in our region to implicate IPOB. Hope Uzodinma spread unknown gunmen here to impress his slavemasters from the North. The earlier Ndigbo understand this the better.



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