Northern group gives Bauchi Gov ultimatum to declare for 2023 presidency


From Ahmad SAKA, Bauchi

The political pressure group known as the Northern Youth Leaders Forum (NYLF) has given an ultimatum to Bauchi State Governor, Senator Bala Mohammed to quickly accept to run for 2023 presidency under any political party of his choice or face future political oblivion.

National Chairman, Elliot Afio said that from its findings, Governor Bala remains the best presidential material for the country.


Presenting the letter of demand to declare interest to the Governor on Wednesday at the Banquet Hall of the Government House, NYLF chairnan explained that the Forum has searched and came to the decision that Bala Mohammed Abdulkadir is the best presidential material for the country.

Hecsaid “Bauchi State Governor, Senator Bala Mohammed displays the letter from NYLF.

Elliot Afiyo further explained that, “during our last NEC meeting in Gombe, we scrutinized 47 people across the country and Bala Mohammed was one of the leading names that came up as one of the tops. We subjected the leading names into votes and Bala Mohammed emerged the winner and it was unanimously endorsed”.

Eliot said that it had positive influence in all the presidential candidates who later emerged elected since the return of democracy in Nigeria in 1998 declaring that with a membership strength of over 4 million, the Forum has strong base to be relevant in the political process of the country.

The National Chairman then declared that, “I hereby present the letter of call to contest the 2023 presidency to you on behalf of the NYLF. Let me tell you that, if you decline our request, we will work against your political aspirations in the future”.

While responding to the call by NYLF, Governor, Bala said that, “I am the most hunted and humiliated politician in the country, since 2007 when I defeated an outgoing Governor to emerge the Senator to represent Bauchi South to the time I raised the motion on necessity and eventually appointed as Minister of the FCT, I have continued to face stiff opposition and political intimidation”.

Bala said that, “I have refused to be intimidated, I have refused to bulge and I have moved on to pursue the cause I believe in. To the glory of God, here I am today, the elected Governor of Bauchi State against all odds and political character assassination. Allah has indeed been gracious to me and family”.

The Governor said that, “We came to Bauchi state with fire of determination to develop the state and make it better than what we met in 2019. To the glory of God, we have been able to make significant progress within the past 2 years and we intend to continue to do that until the end of our term in office “.

On the call by the Forum, Bala Mohammed said that,” I will not categorically give you an answer, I will have to make consultations across all political divide in the country after which I will come out with my position. I rely on the leading of Allah and my political Constituency. Just give me between two and three weeks and I will get back to you with a definite answer”.
I will consult people from my constituency , journalist, civil servants, friends Governors, Politiciabs and many people

He said your initiative even if I didn’t become a President it’s a honour done tome , and to the people of the state and the entire north eastern State.

The Bauchi State Governor stressed that the country is walking on a principe saying that something urgent needs to be done to salvage the situation and make the system work again.

The Governor however declared that, “I am a fulfilled politician who rose from nothing to something both in public service and political scene. God has been very faithful to me and my family and does not need to struggle for anything again in life, therefore, I will not categorically say yes to your proposal for now “.

In a brief remarks, State Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Hamza Koshe Akuyam declared that as politically motivated people, they are ready to go the way the Governor is going as far as 2023 is concerned.

Koshe Akuyam commended NYLF for choosing Bala Mohammed for 2023 presidency saying that the country has a lot to gain from a Bala Mohammed presidency considering his acceptability across the country among the political class.


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