Re: Murder At Alapata: An Attempt To Conceal The Truth About The Perpetrators Of The Devilish Act




We’ve held our breath for a long 96 hours hoping that the Ife Action Council will debunk the publication earlier released, as it could have been the works of some killjoys using such respected appellation, but the nonexistence of this, is an avowal that it truly emanates from the said council.

The Ife Action Council’s press statement does not only berate the union but a witness that academics and empathy aren’t Siamese, as one couldn’t think that such dispassionate statement, garnished with hatred could be signed and countersigned by some supposed academics.

Our concern is, why should a section of the Ife Society find every issue as an opportunity to not only malign but also blackmail the existence of the peace-loving and cordially-minded Modakeke people?

The Oonirisa, Jigbinni bi ate akun, Oba Babatunde Adeyeye Ogunwusi (Ojaja II) has distinguished himself in the comity of kings and kingdoms as a genuine crusader of peace in and beyond the entire Yoruba race, and we as a people, are sustainers of this gospel of peace. But some saboteurs are hell-bent on distorting history, renegading this gospel, and ruin the Yoruba value of accommodating all, irrespective of tribe, religion and social status.

To put the record straight as postulated in the watery press statement, no official statement have been made regarding the recent killings of a woman and her promising son at Alapata Village on 11th of May, 2021. We cannot tell, as to where and when the Ife Action Council heard or read that the Ifes were responsible for the killings or not. The Nigerian policing architecture is on top of the matter, have been instructed to carry out thorough investigation into the matter, and the killers, be brought to book. How can supposed learneds make such a grievous accusation when the law enforcement agents haven’t made known the result of a thorough investigation? That alone, bereft the Ife Action Council under whose aegis the press statement was made.

The various claims made in that statement, are insipid, and an attempt to impede the investigations embarked upon by the law enforcement agency, through emotional blackmail, and uncorrelated facts. On this note, we will like to bring the attention of the Nigerian Police to a threat of violence made in paragraph 14 of the released statement of resistance “BY ALL POSSIBLE MEANS” either legal or otherwise. Hence, whatever violence that emanates thereafter has a root to bank on.

In all, why should the concern of some people in the Ife Society, be about frustrating the development of Modakeke, when it has no adverse effect, but a push-up to the entire Ifeland?

About few days ago, about 23 petitions were written to the Osun State Police Command, on the renaming of the Akarabata Police Station to Ile-Ife. When exactly are we going to stop looking for the downfall of neighbouring communities? Isn’t it funny that this came in the midst of agitations by a section of the Yoruba society, for the creation of an Oduduwa Nation.

How feasible is a prosperous Oduduwa nation, if a part of its constituents are against the development of others? Aren’t we the enemies of ourselves? Series of events that we might not be able to capture herein, had unfolded, as against the hypocrisy and hatred displayed against the entire Modakeke people. Until when will the Yoruba race think deep and move forward?

As sustainers of the Oonirisa’s gospel of peace, we will not have our arms folded and lips shut, at times our people are blackmailed by whoever it might be. We unlike the Ife Action Council will not make resistance “by ALL POSSIBLE MEANS”, but by EVERY LEGAL MEANS, if these actions wanting of the 21st century will not be curtailed. Hence, a note of warning is cited.



(CoordinatorModakeke People’s Front)



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