No going back on Biafra restoration – Group


One of the pro-Biafran groups has said that there would be no going back on the march to Biafra’s sovereignty restoration. 

The group,  the Biafra Shadow Government, which declared the month of May as Biafra History Month, said, it was already moving closer to the independence of Biafra by keenly following mapped out steps and stages.
In a statement issued by the head of the shadow government, Dr. Bernard Nwoko and the head of mobilization directorate, Comrade Inetimi, the group said, “During this period, Biafrans all over the world, through its provinces and Pro-Biafra groups tell the story of Biafra to the world. This also includes the atrocities which have been committed against Biafra and her peoples during the course of the agitation.
“The world need not forget that Biafra was an ancient empire which existed before the advent of Whiteman into Central and West Africa. It was a cosmopolitan empire, therefore, it was not a monoethnic society. It stretched from present Southern Nigeria, part of Middlebelt of Nigeria, moving to Cameroon, down to Gabon”. 
The statement enjoined the people of the area to celebrate the History Month, and use the opportunity to educate the world about Biafra and her peoples. 
While advising against violence as the  celebration lasts, the statement added, “violence can only lead to destructions of hard earned properties and resources, and more sufferings for Biafrans. 

“There is no going back on the march to Biafra’s sovereignty restoration. The Biafra Shadow Government has steps and stages it is following to get the independence of Biafra from Nigeria”. 



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